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The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill
Christianity Today is globally respected as a source of news, commentary, and resources for Christians across a wide spectrum of traditions and denominations, engaging more than 4.5 million people each month at 2021 finds CT in a time of growth and transition under new leadership, including a significant expansion of media work, with The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill being the single largest effort: an in-depth 12=part narrative exploration of a story that was front page news at the New York Times and Washington Post. Interviews that feature people who've never spoken on the record about their experiences before, behind-the-scenes audio, and twists in the story that have never been revealed. Ad partners will find Christianity Today (and this podcast)'s audience to be highly engaged, thoughtful, and eager to support advertisers' work that supports the news and stories they care about most. Hosted by Mike Cosper, this podcast takes you inside the true story of Mars Hill Church in Seattle – from its founding as part of one of the largest church planting movements in American history to its very public dissolution—and the aftermath that followed. You’ll hear from people who lived this story, experiencing the triumphs and losses of Mars Hill, knowing it as both an amazing, life-transforming work of God and as a dangerous, abusive environment. The issues that plague Mars Hill and its founder, Mark Driscoll — dangers like money, celebrity, youth, scandal, and power—aren’t unique, and only by looking closely at what happened in Seattle will we be able to see ourselves.
Who are we? Why do we act, think and feel the way we do? How can we become our best, most authentic selves? Typology is a podcast that explores the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram typing system as a tool to become our best, most authentic selves. Hosted by author, speaker, and counselor, Ian Morgan Cron, Typology features interviews with thought leaders from every sphere of life, including renowned Enneagram authors and teachers, psychologists, theologians, recording artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, philosophers, and more. In other words, we’ll be talking with people who are trying to become the best version of themselves in the world. Popular guests of the show have been Scott Harrison, Jen Hatmaker, Scott Allender, Amy Grant, Don Miller, Annie F. Downs, Richard Rohr, Christopher Heuertz, and Beatrice Chestnut. Typology has well over 15M total downloads with over 400k downloads per month. Our ever-growing audience is dedicated to personal and professional growth and consistently follows through by purchasing products endorsed by our guests and the content we promote on the show. Ian's exceptional interview skills bring a fun, casual, and conversational style to each episode and he works advertisements into the show with a personal touch. In addition to the ads on Typology, we also promote our sponsors in our weekly email. We'll gladly provide pricing for social media promotion and/or giveaways.
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