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Girl's Girls
Brittany Gibbons & Meredith Soleau are fumbling through adulthood, like bosses, and you are along for the hilarious ride! Every week Brittany & Meredith dig into pop culture, relationships, sex, and more with amazing guests and astonishing honesty. Brittany Gibbons is the author of the blog BrittanyHerself, a model, author, TED speaker, media personality, internet catalyst, comedian, and eater of the cold Chinese take-out in the fridge. Her hilarious memoirs, "Fat Girl Walking" and "The Clothes make The Girl Look Fat", are New York Times Best Sellers. Meredith Soleau is a stand-up comedian, humor blogger, and social media agency owner.. Her controversial views on hot button issues, such as leggings as pants, have earned her a gigantic online following. She has been a guest on the Katie Couric show and ABC's 20/20. She travels the country speaking at conferences and helping women fund and start businesses. This show is a Girl's Girl Media Production. Girl's Girl Media, a global media network, brings you quality programming that women (and men!) love. GGM houses 6 chart topping podcasts with cult followings, as well as a Facebook cooking series. GGM also hosts multiple yearly retreats and in-person events, as well as boasts a women's only Facebook group thousands strong. They are no strangers to selling products. This is what they do for a living. And they do it well. The ideal products would be items targeted to women.
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