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AdvertiseCast was created to help podcasters earn money from advertising. Join the revolution and get your show in front of hundreds of advertisers, media buyers, and ad agencies today.
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How does it Work?

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Sign Up to add your podcast listing to our marketplace for free. Simply describe your podcast and select which ad inventory you wish to sell. Listing your podcast is free and we split the revenue share with you (you keep 70% from every sale). Most listings can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Get Ad Deals

When your listing goes live, advertisers have the option to buy ad spots directly from you within the marketplace. We also have an internal ad sales team that works with many advertisers. They will include your show in ad campaigns where they see it being a good fit.

Complete the Order and Get Paid

When you receive an ad buy request, you have the option of approving or declining the order. We want to make sure the advertiser is a good fit for your show and you can meet their ad buy requirements. Simply complete the ad buy as requested and get paid. And don't worry, our platform walks you through all the steps.
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Podcast Advertising Made Easy

Add Your Podcast Listing

Add Your Podcast Listing

Add your listing to our marketplace for free. Include detailed information about your show, list sample audio, describe listener demographics, and more. Minimum audience size of 100 listeners is required.
select ad spots

Select Ad Spots To Sell

Choose only the ad inventory you wish to sell. Choose from popular 10/30/60 second ad spots and more.
Set Ad Cost

Set Ad Cost

You choose the pricing for your ad spots. Our system will assist you by offering recommended values derived from industry standards.
approve or deny

Approve or Deny Ad Buys

You control which advertisers you're willing to work with, not us. When an advertiser orders an ad buy from you, you have the first right to approve or deny their ad request. We want to make sure the advertiser is a good fit for your listening audience.
easy order Fullfillment

Easy Order Fullfillment

Easily manage your orders from your publisher's account. Advertisers will supply you with ad copy and information about the order. Simply complete the ad buy as requested and get paid.
Fast & Guaranteed Payouts

Fast & Guaranteed Payouts

Payments and payouts happen through AdvertiseCast. This means you're guaranteed to be paid! And on time! We just require you satisfactorily complete the ad buy (according to the ad buyers request) and reach the audience you described in your listing. Payouts are made via Paypal 30-days after you mark the ad spot completed. ACH deposits are coming soon.

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We have custom listing solutions for you.
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Ad Inventory You Can Sell in our Marketplace

10-Second Shout Out Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, or event for 10 seconds on my podcast.
30-Second Sponsored Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, or event for 30 seconds on my podcast.
60-Second Sponsored Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, or event for 60 seconds on my podcast.
Podcast Promo - I will promote your podcast on my podcast.
Custom Ad Spot - Create a custom ad spot.

What are people saying about AdvertiseCast?

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you and your team THANK YOU. I just signed an advertiser for a 4 month ad campaign on my podcast. That wouldn't have happened without you and your site. You've created something that can truly help people monetize their shows, and it makes it easy for both the client and the show. I just got my confirmation email from them yesterday, and it was SO DAMNED exciting seeing that someone is coming on to be a major sponsor. I can't explain how exciting that was. THANK YOU SO MUCH! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
I have really been amazed as how great this is. I've gotten great feedback from both orders. I've also recommended the site to two of my podcaster friends.

How much money can I make?

This depends on many factors including: What niche are you serving? How many downloads does your podcast receive? How engaged is your audience? The frequency at which you publish? How many episodes have you completed, and more... Another strong selling asset is leveraging your social media. If you have a great social media following, you can include this in your offering. A great way to increase your overall value proposition to the advertiser.

As for pricing and projecting profits, industry standards show podcasters are seeing around $12-$25 CPM for audio ads they live read during their podcast. But if you have a niche-engaged, and targeted audience, you may be able to charge more. If your new, we suggest listing your ad spots on the low-side to start attracting advertisers. Once you find an active demand, you can always raise your prices.
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Podcasters earn a higher CPM than other content creators:

Platform CPM
Cost per thousand
Podcast Live Read Ad $12-$25
Facebook Ad $1.54
Twitter Ad $12.16
Instagram Ad $13.00
LinkedIn Ad $27.90
Pinterest Ad N/A
SnapChat Ad N/A
YouTube Ad $3.00
Email Ad $5.00
Web Ad $3.00

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What costs are involved?

Our service is FREE to list your podcast, but we split the rev share with you for each ad spot ordered. You make 70%, we keep 30%. For instance; you list and sell your ad spot for $100, you net $70, we keep $30.

What information do you require to get started?

Required Fields for Creating your Listing

  • Podcast Title
  • Category
  • Description
  • Average Number of Downloads per Episode (100 minimum required)
  • Date First Episode Published
  • Publishing Frequency
  • Link to a Sample Media File
  • Select which ad spots you wish to sell
  • Set pricing
We've built a time-saving feature that imports some of your listing data from your RSS feed. Most listings can be created in 10 minutes.

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