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AdvertiseCast was created to help podcasters earn money from advertising. Join the revolution and get your show in front of hundreds of advertisers, media buyers, and ad agencies today.
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How does it Work?

Add Your Podcast

Get started for free by adding your podcast listing to our platform. Simply describe your podcast, choose which host-read ad spots you wish to sell (60, 30, or 10 second spots), and set ad pricing. Don't worry, we'll recommend ad costs for you. Most listings can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Receive Host-Read Ad Buys

Our executive sales team professionally sells and represents your podcast ad inventory to our 250+ ad buying clients and agency partners. You also get a complimentary listing in our online self-serve ad marketplace where advertisers browse and order. You focus on creating content, we focus on getting you advertisers.

Complete the Ad and Get Paid

When you receive an ad order, you'll be alerted via email. Login to review the ad buy and see information about the advertiser/campaign. You have the option of approving or denying each ad buy request. If you accept, simply complete the order as requested and get paid.
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draft kings
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skill share
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Add Your Podcast Listing

Add Your Podcast Listing

Add your listing to our platform for free. Include detailed information about your podcast, list sample audio, describe listener demographics, and more. Minimum audience size of 100 listeners is required.
select ad spots

Select Host-Read Ad Spots To Sell

Choose the host-read ad inventory you wish to sell. Choose from popular 10/30/60 second host-read ad spots and more.
Set Ad Cost

Set Ad Cost

You choose the pricing for your ad spots. Our system will assist you by offering recommended values derived from industry standards.
approve or deny

Approve or Deny Ad Buys

You control which advertisers you're willing to work with, not us. When an advertiser orders an ad buy from you, you have the first right to approve or deny their ad request. We want to make sure the advertiser is a good fit for your listening audience.
easy order Fullfillment

Easy Order Fullfillment

Easily manage orders within our online ad portal. Advertisers will supply you with information about their ad including talking points, target air dates, promo code/vanity URL to mention, etc. Simply complete the ad buy as requested and get paid.
Fast & Guaranteed Payouts

Fast & Guaranteed Payouts

Payments and payouts happen through AdvertiseCast. This means you're guaranteed to be paid! And on time! We just require you satisfactorily complete the ad buy as requested and reach the audience described within your listing. Payouts are performed through Paypal or ACH 30-days after you marking the ad spot completed.

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How much money can I make?

This depends on many factors including: Your podcast reach, audience demographics, category/content of your show, publishing frequency, social media following, and more. Most podcasts are seeing $18-20 CPM for 30 second spots and $25 CPM for 60 second spots.
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What costs are involved?

Once accepted into our podcast partner program, we split the ad revenue with you 70/30 you keeping 70%. No additional fees are required.

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What information do you require to get started?

Required Fields for Creating your Listing

  • Podcast Title
  • Category
  • Description
  • Average Number of Downloads per Episode (100 minimum required)
  • Date First Episode Published
  • Publishing Frequency
  • Link to a Sample Media File
  • Select which ad spots you wish to sell
  • Set pricing
We've built a time-saving feature that imports some of your listing data from your RSS feed. Most listings can be created in 10 minutes.

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