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Perplexed with Franc and Josh
Greetings, This is Perplexed featuring Emmy award-winning Thejoshuaperez and Public figure Franc I Scot. We will talk our asses off and have fun on our newest project. Disclaimer if you are looking for perfection you won't find that here. Come on a journey with us as we indulge in the mystery of the social system, government, what's wrong with healthcare, gay rights, the Legal, financial and economic systems plus so much more. We are both online personalities who would like to dive into trending topics. This podcast will hopefully be an interesting way of expressing our opinions while trying to understand how our government, laws, and rights can affect everyone every day. Our goal is to find a way of letting you all know we don’t understand the way this country is structured however we want to ask the questions and push the envelope to find out. We want to have touchy conversations to understand what can actually benefit everyone and how we can all make voting, voting! We hope to find a way of letting our viewers know how voting affects everyone. This show is not to offend anyone; instead we would love to engage you to a new world of information that might strike a conversation or even encourage a change. enlightening our peers because as public figures on Instagram we know our topics or conversations will be scrutinized. we ask you if this is not for your place click off. We look forward to having you be a part of the perplexing world we invite you to send in new topics of conversation and if they apply we can have them be a part of the show. Our new project has just begun ideally we would love to have debates, interviews, guest speakers, and more.
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