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Global Recon
We discuss world events, sit down with special operators from across the globe, touch on tactical medicine, mindset, politics, and history. John Hendricks is the host, a civilian and the owner of Global Recon. The podcast is co-hosted by Chantel Taylor a former British Army Combat Medic and the first British woman in history to kill an enemy in combat. Notable guests we've had on the show include New York Times bestselling author and Navy Seal Kevin Lacz, Gary Vaynerchuk entrepreneur, author, speaker and well known internet personality, Mark Donaldson an Australian SAS trooper and recipient of the Victoria Cross (equivalent to the Medal of Honor), Jason Carl Fox British special forces soldier and host of "Who dares win" a prime time television show in the UK, Rusty Firmin British SAS trooper and a team leader during the Iranian embassy siege in London and the film 6 days is based on his novel (Go! Go! Go!), Army Colonel Scott Kelly current inspector general at Fort Brag who was also a squadron commander at the army counter-terrorism unit, Tu Lam owner of Ronin Tactics and host of "Forged in Fire Knife or Death" on the history channel and also a 20 year special forces veteran, among various other high ranking special operations commanders and New York Times Bestselling authors. I've collaborated directly with HBO documentary films "War Dog" produced by actor Channing Tatum highlighting the lives and stories of special operations military dog handlers. I was invited to a press screening for the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" pre-release so I can give feedback and help promote the film on the Global Recon Podcast. I was also invited to a prescreening of "Thank you for your service," and interviewed the director Jason Hall who was also the award-winning screenwriter for the movie directed by Clint Eastwood "American Sniper." Additionally, I've collaborated with St. Martins Press one of the world's largest book publishers to promote some of their military titles before their release. Featured on the Itunes New and Noteworthy category. Number 1 on iTunes in the Government and Politics catergory for over 5 weeks. Regularly in the number one spot in the national category. I can help promote your business by reaching a large audience. Our demographic is mainly males between the ages of 15-70, most are conservative in their ideals and pro second amendment, patriotic, survivalists and adventure driven. I have a large social media presence over 280k followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. Instagram profiles include @igrecon, @blackopsmatter and @missioncritical. Facebook: Fb Recon.
This American President
Description This American President delves into the lives and legacies of U.S. presidents through long form stories and interviews. The podcast is apolitical and nonpartisan, mostly focusing on historical figures and events, not current events or living presidents. Since the podcast is apolitical, there are fans across the political spectrum, many who admire the even handed approach to the subject matter. The feature episodes are story-driven narratives written and hosted by Richard Lim. Feature episodes usually focus on one president, a period in a president's administration, or an event that spans multiple presidencies. These episodes include clips of real recordings from public speeches, radio and tv broadcasts, and even private telephone conversations. Feature episodes typically range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length, with multiple mid-roll opportunities. This American President also regularly has guests that include historians, authors, and people who have worked closely with presidents before such as General Michael Hayden who served under presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Interview episodes typically range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length, with at least one mid-roll opportunity. This American President can help your business with a range of advertising opportunities from pre-recorded dynamically inserted ads to more comprehensive baked-in sponsorships. Your ad can be dynamically inserted into our entire back catalog of episodes or just the latest trending episodes. We can help you write and create a host-read ad spot that blends seamlessly with our content, using short historical anecdotes to hook the audience. Lastly, we offer the latest advertising tools through to target a specific audience and to reach your advertising goals. Audience Demographics The majority of the audience is male, with 66% male. The median age of the audience is about 35 years old. The age break down is: 0-17: 1% 18-22: 7% 23-27: 19% 28-34: 22% 35-44: 24% 45-59: 20% 60+: 6% The vast majority of the audience is in the United States (>90%).
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