Narativ with Zev Shalev

Uncover the forces that shape our world with Narativ with Zev Shalev, a groundbreaking podcast hosted by investigative journalist and former CBS News executive producer Zev Shalev.

Zev uses his impeccable sources and personally developed reporting technique, which blends investigative journalism with real-time intelligence analysis, to deliver an unparalleled news experience that leaves viewers with a deep understanding of the events shaping their world.

Each episode features Zev's reports on the war on democracy, unparalleled investigations exposing the people and powers behind the news, and insightful analysis from Narativ's contributors. Millions have tuned in to Narativ since its launch in 2016

With an illustrious career marked by three Emmy nominations and a prestigious Murrow Award, Zev is always steps ahead of other news sources and is a must-watch for anyone who cares about our world and wants to decipher the forces shaping it. Whether you're a long-time viewer or new to the show, subscribe now to Narativ with Zev Shalev today to understand the world like never before.
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