Those Weekend Golf Guys

We are unique in the Golf Talk Show genre. We don't talk about the Pro Tours at all. We talk to and about the average golfer and how to have more fun with the game, whether that be new techniques, new places to play, new equipment, etc. I am an experienced radio personality with years of successful morning show experience in many markets. My co-host is one of America's top 100 golf instructors. We are funny, interesting, and, above all, extremely entertaining. We interview interesting personalities from the golf industry, feature new products our audience would like and offer tips and fixes for common on course problems. Unlike most golf shows, we are not washed up golfers playing on the radio, we are radio pro's who talk about golf. People love us! Even non golfers listen because we are that entertaining. Golfers are interested in not only golf, but the good life in general and are the most affluent group of sports enthusiasts.
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