Podcast Advertising
outperforms social
media buys.

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Clients say, "the bottom has fallen out of Facebook campaigns" thanks to new online privacy initiatives.
We're not affected.

Podcast Ads Outperform:

  • Google Search by 2%
  • Facebook Ads by 42%
  • TikTok Ads by 63%
  • Twitter Ads by 84%
  • Google Display Ads by 236%
According to a recent study conducted by Podsights and referenced by "Marketing Charts", August 17, 2021.

1 in 5 Americans (57+ Million)
Listen to Podcasts Each Month

podcast listeners

When asked if podcast advertising affected their behavior:

  • 71% said they'd visited a sponsor's website
  • 62% said they'd considered that new product or service
  • 78% agreed (and 21% strongly agreed) that their opinion of advertisers is more positive when they hear it mentioned in on of the podcasts they regularly enjoy

AdvertiseCast leverages third party data to systematically deliver ads to listeners who meet your ideal target based on:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavioral Characteristics
  • Wherever they are listening!
woman listening to a podcast