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Why Your Bank Sucks
They tell you to paint a compelling picture of your journey. Here Goes: I am a 13 year veteran of the retail banking industry. Bank of America paid me from December 2005 - August 2018, first as a Drive-Up Teller while I was in college, all the way to being "Relationship Manager" (Which is essentially in charge of all new accounts) In August 2018, Bank of America closed my branch, displacing thousands of customers, citing "Costs". I was promised a job at another branch. 7 days later, they created a phony reason to fire me, reneging on their promise. I was left without a job. I am currently not able to land a banking job. I cannot find my 401k and retirement that I had with them, as they never take my calls. I am running out of money. In trying to find a way to vent, I soldiered onto what the next step was. I searched "Bank of America" on Twitter, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. So so so so many complaints. Nearly every Twitter post is negative, all citing problems that I actually helped with as a banker. @Bofa_Help on Twitter was the worst when it came to answering questions, basically becoming a cut-and-paste answer page with no personalized interaction with the clients. I told myself, "Hell, I was better than them by a mile." After that, I started providing my own "Vigilante Customer Service" with a dash of commentary as to why certain things happen certain ways, and providing a behind-the-scenes point-of-view on how the Bank of America sausage is being made. It's empowering showing clients THE BIGGER PICTURE. I searched Twitter for other large banks, and I found similar customer service issues, and I weighed in with good, direct advice as much as I can. Always with a love to talk, I decided what better way to get out my stories of working at a bank than to start a podcast. WHY YOUR BANK SUCKS, the controversial podcast discusses: Stories of my 13 years of Retail Banking Experience, Commentary about current bank news Reviews of current bank products Hilarious discussion of past "Bank Fail" products Observations of serious ethical and service issues of branch banking that I witnessed. Plus, the most important part: "The Bank Screwed US" Voicemail line where listeners of the podcast share their horror stories with the world. It has caught on quite well, averaging on average, between 6-9 thousand downloads per podcast. Our Twitter Handle: @BankBetterGuy has sent out nearly 41k customer service tweets to assist people since November 2018, and has averaged 2.1M-3M impressions a month, which is phenomenal with little to no fanfare. I have assisted several hundred people by giving them advice, and showing them how to use the chain of command effectively at a bank. I feel Why Your Bank Sucks can change the world, helping people with the most important thing in the world, their money. WHY YOUR BANK SUCKS HAS "RESCUED" OVER $810,000 IN FEE REFUNDS, CLAIM DISPUTES, CHECK HOLDS, PPP LOANS AND MORE! I am not going to stand by and let banks railroad their clients anymore. I am giving them a chance to fight back. I used to complain about being committed to 50 hours a week at a bank. Now "Why Your Bank Sucks" and its companion Twitter account @BankBetterGuy combine to take up about 14 hours of my day, 6 days a week, and about 6 hours on Sunday. I love the work, but honestly, the bills aren't being paid. I genuinely believe this is my calling, as I love going all out for my clients. This is where you come in. I I have no qualms with getting a 9-5 job, but I sincerely believe this project that I have can make the world a better place. I did a lot of overselling and "making the best of a bad situation" while working for BofA. Now I can actually help people! I also commit to reinvesting, when possible, into some charity and community work with some of the monies earned. After I pay the bills and feed myself, I want to impact this world with the knowledge I was inundated with while working at the bank. Thanks Again, and hope to see you on here. James Baca Why Your Bank Sucks Podcast
Moonshot is an award-winning podcast exploring the worlds biggest ideas and the people making them happen. We explore big 'moonshot' ideas like self-driving cars, brain implants, robots, Mars space travel, artificial intelligence, and the future of transport. As we explore these topics we feature in depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and future thinkers. The people we're talking to are actively changing the world as we know it. Moonshot is hosted by Kristofor Lawson and is a production of Lawson Media. Moonshot was a finalist in the 2017 Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards, a finalist in the 2018 Australian Podcasting Awards, and was awarded 'Best Independent Media' at the 2018 ACS IT Journalism Awards. Our show has also been featured by Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. About our audience Moonshot listeners are largely US based, and highly educated with more than 55% achieving a college degree. People in our audience are likely to work in technology, engineering, or design, and 65% of our audience work in intermediate roles or above - meaning they are likely to be in a position to help make decisions for their businesses. 35% are married, and 40% are single (never, married), and 40% of our audience have household income levels above $80k+ USD. We will work with advertisers to produce an engaging spot that fits the brand and also engages our tech-savvy audience.
Startup Hacks
Dein Podcast zum Thema Startup, Entrepreneurship und Digitalisierung! Du bist auf der Suche nach inspirierenden Gründerstories und den besten Hacks von Top Startup Unternehmern? Deine Kollegen sprechen alle von Digitalisierung, nur keiner hat den wirklichen Durchblick und treibt es im Unternehmen aktiv voran? Dann hol’ Dir jetzt die volle Portion Startup Wissen, um Dein eigenes Unternehmen zu starten oder Deine Führungsposition im Unternehmen weiter auszubauen! We Hustle Radio versorgt Dich mit den wertvollsten und nützlichsten Insights & Tools aus der Startup Welt, damit Du Dich als Entrepreneur oder Führungskraft erfolgreich am Markt durchsetzen kannst. 0% Glück, 100% Hustle! Bernhard Kalhammer, Co-Founder des deutschen Marktführers im Bereich e-Ticketing für Kinos „“ und Gründer von BCK Consulting, spricht mit den Machern und Kreativen Startup Gründern, über Ihre Erfahrungen und Learnings als Entrepreneure. Wie sind diese Menschen auf die Idee zu Ihrem Unternehmen gekommen, welche Tools nutzen sie, was war Ihr größter Fail, wie entwickeln Sie Ihre Firma ständig weiter und welche smarten Hacks können sie uns verraten, um dem Wettbewerb immer einen Schritt voraus zu sein? Der „We Hustle Radio“ Startup Podcast ist der ideale Begleiter während Deines Workouts im Fitnessstudio, auf dem Weg ins Office oder zu Hause beim chillen. Lass Dich von den Stories der Gesprächspartner inspirieren und nutze die Insights und Ihre Learnings für Dein eigenes Business!
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