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Startup Hacks
Dein Podcast zum Thema Startup, Entrepreneurship und Digitalisierung! Du bist auf der Suche nach inspirierenden Gründerstories und den besten Hacks von Top Startup Unternehmern? Deine Kollegen sprechen alle von Digitalisierung, nur keiner hat den wirklichen Durchblick und treibt es im Unternehmen aktiv voran? Dann hol’ Dir jetzt die volle Portion Startup Wissen, um Dein eigenes Unternehmen zu starten oder Deine Führungsposition im Unternehmen weiter auszubauen! We Hustle Radio versorgt Dich mit den wertvollsten und nützlichsten Insights & Tools aus der Startup Welt, damit Du Dich als Entrepreneur oder Führungskraft erfolgreich am Markt durchsetzen kannst. 0% Glück, 100% Hustle! Bernhard Kalhammer, Co-Founder des deutschen Marktführers im Bereich e-Ticketing für Kinos „“ und Gründer von BCK Consulting, spricht mit den Machern und Kreativen Startup Gründern, über Ihre Erfahrungen und Learnings als Entrepreneure. Wie sind diese Menschen auf die Idee zu Ihrem Unternehmen gekommen, welche Tools nutzen sie, was war Ihr größter Fail, wie entwickeln Sie Ihre Firma ständig weiter und welche smarten Hacks können sie uns verraten, um dem Wettbewerb immer einen Schritt voraus zu sein? Der „We Hustle Radio“ Startup Podcast ist der ideale Begleiter während Deines Workouts im Fitnessstudio, auf dem Weg ins Office oder zu Hause beim chillen. Lass Dich von den Stories der Gesprächspartner inspirieren und nutze die Insights und Ihre Learnings für Dein eigenes Business!
Create Your Own Life
The Create Your Own Life podcast has been around since November 2015, but achieved a lot in that time. We were ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy for the Business and Health categories. We have ranked #25 in the Business- Marketing & Management category, and have consistently ranked in the Business- Marketing & Management Top 200 in iTunes, and the show is well over 700,000 downloads all time. The show has been featured by INC. Magazine (2x), Forbes Magazine (3x) and Top Podcast to Follow by CIO Magazine (2x). Jeremy has been a featured speaker at Podfest Multimedia Expo, Outlier Podcast Festival and many more stages across the country. We have had on the show celebrity and world-class guests like Shawne Merriman (NFL All-Century Team San Diego Chargers), Matisyahu (Platinum Recording Artist), Grant Cardone (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Kelly Starrett (First Crossfit Gym Owner), Elliott Hulse (YouTube Fitness Celebrity), Chris Guillebeau (Visited 196 Countries), Patrick Bet-David (YouTube Influencer 1M+ Subscribers), Tucker Max (3x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Robert Greene (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Tony Horton (P90X), Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Walter O'Brien (the Scorpion), Steve Weatherford (NY Giants), Tom Bilyeu (CEO Quest Nutrition), Noah Kagan (CEO, Russell Brunson (CEO Clickfunnels), Gretchen Rubin (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Robin Sharma (NY Times Best-Selling Author/ Adviser for Richard Branson & Bill Clinton), Meir Kay (Facebook Influencer 1M+ Followers), Fabio Viviani (32 Restaurants, $100M+ Revenue), Jen Sincero (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Seth Godin (NY Times Best-Selling Author), Kara Goldin (CEO Hint Water/ Former COO AOL Time-Warner), Neil Patel (1M+ Facebook Followers) and many more.
The Chick in Charge
A Podcast Empowering Women in Business! We have over 50 episodes! Your advertising will be part of each one! Listen to The Chick in Charge Podcast and learn how to embrace your unique leadership potential, and see how A Chick in Charge can help you blaze a path to the top of the corporate ladder. MARY H. PARKER CEO, ALL N ONE SECURITY The Chick in Charge Podcast explores female leadership and female empowerment from all angles. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, an innovator, or part of a large corporate team, The Chick in Charge has tips, pointers and examples of real women that will empower you! The Podcast Mary Parker, Host of The Chick in Charge Podcast reveals how real women face today's rapidly changing business culture. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that target women consumers see their likelihood of success increase by 144 percent when women take an active role. A Chick in Charge is continually and uniquely qualified for piloting her companies’ workforces and strategies. Subscribe to the podcast and get first hand information on how YOU - The Chick in Charge - can rise through the ranks and break down barriers. Listen to The Chick in Charge Podcast for motivating conversations FROM women and FOR women in the world of work. DOWNLOADS - We average 5,000 downloads per podcast - and currently we have 50 plus podcasts produced. AUDIENCE - College Educated - 25-55 in age - majority female audience of working women who make the decisions about the money spent in their households! PROMOTION - Our producers are media & advertising experts! We can write about your company - we can really hone in on what you want to say or sell - and then we can utilize our social media to push your message. We can also share our network with you!! YOUR COMPANY - We would LOVE to host some folks from your company, and/or some of your top clients! Let The Chick in Charge act to support your network! Our podcast was started 6 months ago - and we have grown our listenership rapidly because our podcasts are well produced - our audio is VERY good, and our content is strong, evergreen and recyclable! Our producers are Emmy Award winners, and professional public relations executives. Advertise with us! We will help you drive results! Thank you for your time and consideration! #Chick, #Chick in Charge, #entrepreneurship, #leadership, #value, #compensation, #female, #executive, #metoo, #best, #fast, #For women, #successful, #Harvard, #Tuck
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