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The Tony DUrso Show - Formerly Revenue Chat Radio
A one-hour weekly talk show, The Tony DUrso Show is the #1 show on the VoiceAmerica Network. With over 500 published interviews, some of the prominent guests are: ▪ Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) ▪ Wesley Snipes (Actor) ▪ Frank Shankwitz (Make-A-Wish Fdn) ▪ Jeff Hoffman (Priceline) ▪ Russel Brunson (ClickFunnels, making over $100,000,000) ▪ Rick Cesari (Marketed $Billions for GoPro, George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Sonicare) ▪ Hank Moore (Presented Think Tanks for 5 U.S. Presidents) ▪ Scott Omelianuk (Editor Inc. Magazine) ▪ And many more world renown Elite Entrepreneurs. The Tony DUrso Show gets over 70,000 downloads per weekly episode with 10 million downloads to date. With a majority of listeners as entrepreneurs and small business owners, Tony's shows have syndicated on 16 AM/FM U.S. radio stations and Roku. You Receive: - Commercial of your required length on each weekly show (can be in my voice or you can provide commercial). - I add to all reads where possible, and I generally provide 2-3 minutes depending on the topic. - I introduce your brand at the beginning of the show, and ask my audience to stay tuned to the commercial coming up later. - Featured Spot on show notes of sponsored episodes (with prominent URL for my audience to click). - Regular mentions to my social media network directing consumers to your URL. (Over 100,000.) - Client branding on my high traffic web site.
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