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We're just getting started. Here is how we look at the world: "Our ancestors invented explanations about how we got here, which we, frankly, find childish and silly. The answer cannot come from religion. It can only come from science. We talk about why gods are inconsequential and why we believe that religion will inevitably fizzle out as time goes on. We are heathens. We despise organized religion and hate totalitarianism. We believe in Voltaire's dream of unilateral fraternity, Paine's Rights of Men and celebrate the Constitution's declaration that all people, regardless of where they were born, are created equal. We believe in no gods, no spooks, no goblins, no stupid superstitions and we sure as shit don't believe in a Messiah, who supposedly being born in Palestine 2000 years ago, looks surprisingly like a tall Norwegian with an affinity to support and underline the bigoted tendencies of the current attorney general who does in fact resemble a racist elf." So, we know for a fact that you want your brand associated with a couple of outstanding fellas such as ourselves! What could possible go wrong by associating with 2 people who think the vast majority of Christians are a bunch of retarded nutjobs who should be submitted for psych evaluations? The Christians - who believe that a god, who created the universe, in his infinit wisdom, to forgive humanity for breaking the laws that said god created - and endowed humanity with nothing but the ability to break those laws - could not think of a better way to forgive humanity than to take human form and be horribly killed on a cross so that his death can serve as a loophole for the laws he created so that he can forgive us for breaking them even though he knew we would break them because that's the way he fucking rigged the system to begin with. Either the people who believe this shit are retarded or their god is or both. So yeah! Come advertise with us!
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