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Up2Me Radio - Branding with Purpose Podcast
Branding with Purpose Podcast Hosted by Shantha Wetterhan is produced and aired on the Up2Me Radio Live Talk and Podcast Network. Show Description: Welcome to the Branding with Purpose Podcast with Host, Shantha Wetterhan! Shantha is a certified social media strategist, branding expert trainer and founder of Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management. Branding with Purpose is designed to empower entrepreneurs to live out their purpose while developing an impact on your personal brand. We have conversations with successful business owners and entrepreneurs about their purpose and what it takes to grow and sustain in today’s digital world. We have a lot to talk about so join us! The Audience The audience are professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to learn more about branding, marketing their brand, how best to use social media platforms and strategies to maximize their impact. The "theme" of purpose is incorporated into each episode so that the listener can determine how best to position their business and personal brands. How we will promote your business We will promote your business in all podcast episode pre, during and post promotions. To include website postings, social media posting, Facebook live pre-show promotions. During the show the Host can read your ad or we can audio play your ad during the podcast. We will also provide Ad photo or video space on the show page on the Up2Me Radio website.
Denim Rivet
Hi! I'm Gregory Bailey, the founder and host of the Denim Rivet podcast. I created Denim Rivet to curate and foster the conversation within the global insurance innovation, marketing and insurtech ecosystem. With each episode, I interview a guest that in past episodes has ranged from senior executives of some of the most forward thinking insurance companies to insurtech startup founders to venture capitalists funding these early-stage startups. Our audience includes senior level executives, directors and employees of insurance companies around the world. Our audience also includes founders and employees of insurtech startups, venture capitalists and angel investors. A sampling of our podcast listening audience includes senior executives of global insurer AXA all the way to the CEO of Assurity Life, and hundreds of insurtech startup founders around the world. I've had the good fortune that the show's message consistently reaches the C-Suite of all types of insurance companies. Seventy-five percent of Denim Rivet's audience is from the United States. The remaining 25% is spread across more than 60 countries around the world. Started in October, 2015, Denim Rivet was the first and is the leading insurance innovation and insurtech focused podcast. We're currently seeking two or three advertising partners for Season 3 of our show of 16 episodes. Season 3 will begin in September, 2017.
Gamer Talk Podcast
We provide our listeners with video game discussions, random conversations, gaming news, gamer opinions, video games old and new, gaming controversy's, advice, recommendations and detailed reviews as our main topics. Our random topics include: sports, life, world news, movies, comics, etc. We have special guests ever so often to join us on our podcasts and include them in our discussions. We record every Wednesday which means you will be able to hear our episodes every Thursday night. We target the adult audience in the video game niche but what make us stand out from the rest is we are three video game enthusiasts all with different attitude, experience, age, and lifestyles. Not only do we discuss video gaming topics but we include our everyday lives as well. With active participation from our listeners, we answer questions from our social media and emails. most of all we tastefully express our own opinions .There is a segment called what are you drinking and what have you been playing in our podcast which would work perfect for plugging a drink from a potential advertisement this is just one example. Since our show covers such diverse content this opens the spectrum of opportunity for advertisers. iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Cast Box are a few of the most popular podcast directories that we are listed in. Our numbers are growing exponentially.
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