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Sex Talk With My Mom
Ranked as #3 on Esquire's "Best Sex Podcasts," Sex Talk With My Mom offers sex and relationship advice while exploring the hilarious dynamic between a sexually-liberated, "cougar" mom and her comedian son (who is currently a contestant on this season of America's Got Talent). KarenLee and Cam Poter have a weekly talk about the birds and the bees to de-stigmatize the conversation around sex, offer sex tips, and provide a laugh. Their incredible guests range from legendary porn star and sex educator Nina Hartley to their previous sexual partners! They offer hilarious, engaging, and personalized ads to their sponsors. Their last ad campaign generated over 200 unique website visits to their client after one single ad-spot on their podcast and Instagram. KarenLee and Cam have been podcasting for over 2.5 years, and their listener base is fiercely loyal and trusts their word. They are also growing rapidly, as evidenced by a 330% increase in listenership in 2017. They average over 16,000 podcast downloads a week and their social media channels are booming. Their Instagram has 20,000 followers, Facebook over 5,000 fans, and Twitter nearly 2,500 followers. The mom-son duo has been featured in major publications, such as Esquire, Popsugar, YourTango, BroBible, Snapchat, and more. Their listeners tend to be sex-positive, curious, tech-savvy, college-educated, and in their 20s and 30s.
Alternative Facts Chicago
This is Bobby Celestin and Brian Hunter with Alternative Facts Chicago, The #1 Podcast for Sports, Music, Entertainment & Politics in Chicago. Our bi weekly podcast highlights everything current, as Brian and myself give our thoughts and opinions on the biggest stories going on in mainstream culture. A huge selling point for our sponsorship is that 50% of all Sponsorship proceeds go to Chicago Public Schools. Our audience is currently 75% male and 25% female with an age group between 25-45 years old being the main listening group. The Midwest is such an untapped market compared to the others and there is no other podcast like ours currently available today in this market, which will help bring more brand awareness and customers your way. Here are links to our Podcast as well as our social media sites so that you can get a bit of a background on our Podcast, if you are not familiar already! We would love to feature you on our platform, as our rapport is amazing, the content is great, and our following only 10 episodes in is growing rapidly! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns! Soundcloud: Itunes: Twitter: Instagram:
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