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Poop Culture
Rick Mancrush, Beau Becraft & Marc James drop a hot one each week as they push out the boundaries of popular culture. Letting loose craptivating interviews with only the best guests! Listen as the trio releases the kraken on movies, music, television and entertainment. Hunker down and cop-a-squat and enjoy the Poop Culture Podcast today! Proudly part of the PCEU! Subscribe to us on iTunes Our show features 30-60 minutes of banter, and our guests bring in a new audience each week. Some recent guests include: (you can see all of our guests at ) Duddy B- Guitarist/Singer from the band The Dirty Heads Wheeler Walker Jr - Country Music star Mr Skin - Everyone knows Mr Skin! Wax - Rapper Kevin Martin - Rock singer/songwriter from the band Candlebox Leevi Pukki - Bassist/Vocals from the band Steve 'n' Seagulls Johnny Christmas - Trumpet/Vocals from the band Reel Big Fish Dr Miami - TV Celebrity Brian O'Halloran - Clerks Brandon Hardesty - Singer for the band Bumpin Uglies Mike DeGuzman - from the band passafire Dee Wallace - Actress from ET, Kujo, Critters and many other movies William Katt- Actor from Greatest American Hero and House Charles Band - Full Moon Entertainment, and man behind Puppet Master Lloyd Kaufman - Iconic Troma director, producer, and screenwriter Jim Wynorski - Director of Chopping Mall & 150 other movies Gary Goodridge - Legendary MMA fighter & pioneer of the sport Tyler Mane - Actor from Halloween movies & X-Men Mike Bara - History Channel's Ancient Aliens David Michael Latt - Owner of The Asylum - Producer of 300+ films & Sharknado Daniel Baldwin - One of the legendary Baldwin brothers Nathan James - Lead singer for rock band Inglorious & Superstar finalist Butch Patrick - Eddie Munster from the Munsters Kelli Maroney - Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall, Fast Times at Ridgemont High Bobby Edwards - Owner/Inventor of the Squatty Potty JD Simo - Amazing guitarist & Lead singer of Simo The Mongrels - Punk rock band
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