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My Seven Chakras with AJ
Do you want to build awareness and exposure for your conscious product, brand or service? My Seven Chakras can help you grow and scale! We're currently ranked #8 all over iTunes USA for Alternative Health, and we've had some top guests on our show including Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. Our podcast is about ancient wisdom for the modern mind. Topics include meditation, nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda, Intuition development and personal development. Listener demographics: US (74%), Canada (9.5%), Australia (4.5%), UK (3.7%), India (1%). Followed by Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland. Our host Aditya is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, although most of our listeners are in the USA (California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois are our top listener zones). Here's how we'll promote you: 1) 60 second host read ad. 2) Sponsor listing on website. 3) Sponsor list on episode show notes page. 4) Email blast with weekly newsletter. Recent iTunes review (5-star rating): As simple as can be, this podcast found me before I truly understood the profound impact this knowledge and healing would have on my life and personal healing journey. When I started listening to my seven chakras, I felt a sense of peace in the way AJ communicates with his guests-- from the moment he asks if the guest is ready to inspire, his empowering energy is felt through the podcast mic. I love the way that question forms an affirmation, reminds the guest of their purpose and the gratitude of the listeners. Every quote shared gives me an insight into what moves that person, what snaps them out of negative thinking or a place that does not serve them energetically. A year ago, a trauma from a past abusive relationship surfaced, in the midst of my journey to obtain my MA in counseling, further to become a multicultural couples and family therapist. My chronic pain and arthritis symptoms had become so debilitating, I forgot who I was at 23 years old. My pain was and is invisible, it was complicated and morbid, and I felt terribly invisible, especially to those who did not believe someone my age could have vertigo, titanus, nerve pain, joint pain, chronic pain, etc. I feel seen by this podcast because every single guest has wisdom and experiences to offer that I can connect with, that I can share with someone who it may resonante with or simply wait until I come across it in life again. It is rare to find a podcast host like AJ-- he is there to listen, he is not a host who's ego drives a one-sided conversation. I feel like I am there, and that is human connection. Thank you, thank you!!!!!! This podcast brings me joy, it brings me empowerment and I owe so much of my healing over the last year to this podcast making me feel like I was not so alone.
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