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True Crime Fan Club Podcast
The True Crime Fan Club Podcast has been a one woman show since its conception in October 2016. From research and writing to post production, I do it all! My show features: Immersive storytelling format Focuses on solved cases Aims to tell stories from around the United States and Abroad, although Texas cases do feature more frequently Gaining a reputation for heavy research-based and unbiased storytelling High level of listener engagement Along with handling all of the show production, I also manage three social media accounts, including Patreon (for exclusive listener perks). On a daily basis, I interact with over 3,500 people across all platforms from all over the world. My podcast has ranked in the top 200 of the Apple Podcast charts for Society and Culture and is currently ranked as #38 in the History category. Each month, my numbers grow and typically I expand by an additional 10k each month in total downloads. I will promote products by doing a custom pre-roll ad in the episode, custom mid-roll ad in the episode, provide a link in the show notes, social media mention on each show release day. I find that my audience enjoys the personal touch, so I involve my Husband in recording ads depending on the product. I recently recorded 3 ads with Kind Snacks and the ad with my Husband was well received. I often like to share pictures of me using the product or finding the product in store and sharing the promo. I am a non-stop promoter.
Beyond Bizarre True Crime
Beyond Bizarre True Crime is a podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood — or if Hollywood took it from them. The host provides a thrilling ride into the most unusual and extraordinary stories, told in a way that keeps listeners hooked from beginning to end. Outstanding production and captivating narration are just a couple of reasons this podcast is an increasingly popular choice. Beyond Bizarre True Crime continues to enjoy a 5-star rating on Apple Podcast. The show has been featured on the Apple Podcast News and Noteworthy List and is often ranked in the top 200 within the Society and Culture category. The podcast was recently listed on the EPIC! 2018 True Crime Podcast List which features "the best true crime podcasts to debut over the past year." Since the release of the first episode in March 2018, listenership continues to grow consistently with downloads currently exceeding 12,000 CPM. This podcast is frequently recommended by listeners on popular sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Ads will reach a dedicated and growing audience of podcast listeners who are active on social media, further promoting episode content. Thank you for taking the time to read about Beyond Bizarre True Crime! We look forward to featuring your amazing ad.
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