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Leaving Eden Podcast
Our show is about Host Sadie Carpenter's life in and escape from the cult in which she was raised. We talk about this cult, other cults, cult true crime, religion, fundamentalism, and the real and present danger that cults and cult-like ideologies pose to society as a whole. It is our mission to promote freedom of mind, freedom of thought, and freedom of religion. We discuss these topics in a conversational manner often using humor to cope with the dark realities of growing up in a repressive environment. Our audience is interested in hearing from somebody who has lived these experiences. Many of them are survivors and have a strong affinity towards our host because of their shared experiences. Many of them experience catharsis from listening to our show because it validates their lived experience. We enjoy a strong sense of trust and connection with our audience, and interact with them daily through our facebook group which has nearly 3,000 members. It is important to us to be sensitive and mindful towards them because many of them share the same trauma. While we do censor swear words, we often candidly discuss topics including sex, alcohol, and religious teachings regarding those things. Additionally, a statistically significant portion of our audience is part of the LGBTQ+ community. At least 3% of our audience identifies as non-binary gender, which is six times greater than the national representation of non-binary people. Our show positively affirms the LGBTQ+ community. The vast majority of of our show's growth has come from word-of-mouth recommendations by listeners to their friends and family members, or from our listeners recommending to others on social media websites, such as Reddit. All of our episode titles and descriptions are written with search engine optimization (SEO) as a priority, utilizing keywords. We hope you will consider advertising on our show.
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