We are the World's Premier Podcast Advertising Network.

We are the world's premier podcast advertising network representing ad inventory for 1,500+ podcasts. Get in touch with our sales team and learn how you can start driving leads from this exciting new channel.
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A Full-Service Podcast Advertising Solution

ad inventory for over 1,500 podcasts

Ad Inventory for 1,500+ Podcasts

We represent the the most diverse and largest podcast ad inventory in the industry. With a network spanning across 1,500+ shows and reaching 30MM+ monthly listeners, we'll be sure to create a winning campaign for you.
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Professional Sales Team

Our knowledgeable podcast advertising sales team is standing-by ready to assist you with ALL of your podcast advertising needs. Whether you're just interested in learning more about this exciting new medium or you're ready to dive-in and create your first campaign, we'll walk you through the entire process. We'll work closely with you to produce results that meet or exceed your business goals and objectives.
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Get a Free Campaign Proposal

Each campaign we create is personally tailored to meet your specific advertising goals. The shows we select are based on a number of criteria including topical matches, listener demographics, airing deadlines, budget restrictions, and more.
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End-To-End Campaign Management

You have the option of managing your campaigns with our proprietary self-serve advertising portal or have our professional sales team fully-manage on your behalf. The option is yours.
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Measurement and A.I. Air Checks

See detailed reporting on ad spots published including episode information, download counts, and A.I. time-stamped transcribed air checks. We'll also guide you on how to track leads and conversions from your podcast ads.
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Host-Read Ads and Dynamic Ads

We sell two types of podcast ad units. Host-read ads are ads read by the host and are typically baked into the episode. These are the most requested ad units by our advertisers. Dynamic ads are starting to gain interest as they have new targeting capabilities. We'll work with you and decide which ad format makes the most sense for your campaign.

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Working with 250+ great podcast advertisers including:

draft kings
ruby receptionists
skill share
us army
hello fresh

better help
warby parker
arizona office of tourism
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All-In-One Podcast Advertising Platform

ad inventory for over 1000 podcasts

Shop and Order Ad Spots

Research and order ad inventory within our online ad portal. You'll be able to review show information, host information, ad pricing, CPM rates, audience reach, social reach, demographic data, and listen to recent episodes.
Easy Campaign Management

Easy Campaign Management

Manage all of your podcast ad campaigns in one centralized area from start to completion. See statuses of your ad campaigns and communicate directly with the show's host with our internal messaging system. Our team is also available to professionally manage your campaigns.
Transcribed Air Checks & Reporting

Transcribed Air Checks & Reporting

See target air-dates, published dates, listen to your audio ad, and see any extras that were included with your ad buy like social media mentions.

Featured Ad Reads

The Melanie Mineau Show
The SavingsAngel Show - with Josh Elledge
The Science Of Success Podcast

Podcast Medium Statistics

67 million
Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. And growing substantially every year.
$1 Billion
Projected amount of podcast ad spend by 2020 - growing 85% year over year. The secret is out, podcast ads work!
A survey of 300,000 listeners found that 63% of people bought something a host had promoted on their show.
2x Facebook
Podcasts drive twice the ad awareness of Facebook
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Help, I'm new to Podcast Advertising

With all the press this year about the coming of age for podcasting and the year-over-year doubling of podcast ad spend, we receive a lot of calls and emails from brands and agencies looking to familiarize themselves with the space. We have accepted that this is the nature of serving customers in an emerging advertising medium... even though (believe it or not) podcasts have been around for almost 15 years now. We seem to get the same set of questions quite consistently so we thought it was worthwhile to share a short FAQ.