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Millionaires Unveiled
Millionaires Unveiled interviews, and tells the stories of, everyday millionaires. We provide detailed insight into their investing strategies and current portfolio allocation. We discuss how they got started, their decisions along the way, how their portfolio has or will change, and their investing successes and failures. Our goal is to highlight the "the millionaire next door," by sharing real financial success stories of real people. By listening to these interviews and stories, people not only find motivation, but also gain hope and passion for their own journey, all while learning investing tips and tricks. Our top episodes include stories of a janitor, handyman, single moms, and members of the military – all of whom are millionaires. We have also interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, Chris Hogan, Tom Wheelwright, David Obsorn, and other "big names" in the personal finance and blogging space. We have been featured in the top 100 business and investing podcasts on iTunes, and wrote an article for Business Insider. Additionally, we have been guests on several podcasts including Stacking Benjamins, Passive Real Estate Investing, Forever Cash, and the What’s up Next Podcast. There are two main groups of people listening to the show. The first are those who are generally younger, and curious about how wealthy people invest; they listen for portfolio allocations and investing strategies. The second group is generally older, and more curious about the stories of each individual. They don't necessarily plan on changing their investment strategy/allocation, but are interested in the journey and decisions of others. Thus, there is a broad base of listeners ranging from the millennial, who may be just starting to invest, to the retired multimillionaire. The show currently receives over 85,000 downloads each month.
EM Clerkship
When you advertise on EM Clerkship, you are reaching into the future of Emergency Medicine (EM). We are a deep niche podcast that has had tremendous organic growth since starting in 2016 and are currently at the stage where most medical students choosing to enter Emergency Medicine (MD, DO, PA, NP, and paramedic students) are listening to it as part of their training. We have received hundreds of organic, unsolicited, 5-star iTunes reviews since we first started recording. I encourage any potential sponsors to read these to get a better idea of how our listeners feel about the show. EM Clerkship is essentially an educational repository of mini-lectures and practice cases about Emergency Medicine topics, with a specific focus on helping medical students stand-out on rotations (“clerkships”) and get good letters of recommendation. We cover some topics in less than 10 minutes, some topics more in-depth, and recently we have been adding practice cases as well (“Round 1, 2, 3, etc”). The majority of the content is evergreen with thousands of annual downloads still occurring on our oldest content (chest pain, patient presentations, headaches, etc). Our audience is primarily college educated students working on their professional degrees or EM resident physicians early in their training. They listen from around the world but primarily from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Japan. In many cases, US listeners will be working full-time in Emergency Medicine and receiving six-figure salaries within 5 years. They are targeting an extremely stressful and fast-paced specialty, but that’s why they like it! There is nothing they hate more than being bored. They will be working on holidays, nights, and weekends, but the trade off is that they have a schedule that allows for significant discretionary time, usually only working 3-4 days per week or “7 on/7 off”. Once they complete training, they commonly invest this free time in their families, side-hustles, or other (classically thrill-seeking) hobbies. Products that appeal to these outside interests will be successful.
The 5 AM Miracle Podcast
The 5 AM Miracle is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping listeners dominate their day before breakfast. The show focuses on personal development, healthy habits, and productivity strategies. Why you should advertise on The 5 AM Miracle: My listeners are actively engaged in their own self-development. They love recommendations for high-quality products that enhance their life and business. Special Guests: The 5 AM Miracle has featured interviews with Deepak Chopra, David Allen, Jon Acuff, and more. Awards: The 5 AM Miracle has been nominated for 6 podcast awards, including the categories of Health, Best Produced, and People's Choice. PR Mentions: Jeff Sanders and The 5 AM Miracle have been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The New York Post, and the Huffington Post. Featured in iTunes: The 5 AM Miracle has ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the Self-Help and Business categories. Show Growth: The show has grown from just a few dozens listeners in the beginning to receiving well over 100,000 downloads every month. The show has surpassed 10 million total downloads. How I will promote your brand, product, or service: I personally read every ad, and heavily promote every product or service to create as much engagement as possible with my listeners. I send emails for every episode with links to the sponsors, as well as including links on the show notes page on my website.
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