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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success
With over 13 million downloads, Inspirational Living is leading resource for self-development and personal growth. Our motivational podcast is listened to by a sophisticated and highly-educated audience interested in acquiring the mental tools to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Our podcast is thus a good match for ethically-driven companies who are selling products or services that help people live better and/or healthier. An advertising purchase on the Inspirational Living podcast will pay long term dividends, because our podcast is "evergreen" -- with all episodes attracting substantial new listens indefinitely into the future (listens which come from new subscribers, as well as our many high-ranking episodes that are found via iTunes search). Therefore, while we are charging advertisers for an estimated 12,000 downloads in 30 days, you are actually receiving much more for your investment. After 90 days, our podcast episodes can receive upwards to 20,000. After 6 months, upwards to 25,000. And after 1 year, upwards to 30,000. When you advertise with us you are the EXCLUSIVE sponsor for that podcast episode. What People Are Saying About Us ** "I am so grateful I found this podcast. Timeless wisdom. I have a few favorites, yet every single one of these podcasts lifts me up and WAKES me up to the true reality of living." - via iTunes Reviews ** "I listen to this podcast as I get into bed. I find myself drifting off to bed thinking about how I want to change certain aspects of my mindset each day to become the person I want to be." - via iTunes Reviews ** "This podcast has absolutely gotten me through some tough, tough, rough times. And has molded my mind and spiritual growth to something beyond measure. Thank you very much." - via iTunes Reviews ** "Upon listening to these, I feel energized and powerful, like I can accomplish anything. His voice is at the same time very soothing. These are great podcasts." - via iTunes Reviews ** "This podcast has helped lift my depression, and I am able to take on each beautiful day without fear and regret. Thank you for taking on this good and noble work." - via iTunes Reviews
EM Clerkship
When you advertise on EM Clerkship, you are reaching into the future of Emergency Medicine (EM). We are a deep niche podcast that has had tremendous organic growth since starting in 2016 and are currently at the stage where most medical students choosing to enter Emergency Medicine (MD, DO, PA, NP, and paramedic students) are listening to it as part of their training. We have received hundreds of organic, unsolicited, 5-star iTunes reviews since we first started recording. I encourage any potential sponsors to read these to get a better idea of how our listeners feel about the show. EM Clerkship is essentially an educational repository of mini-lectures and practice cases about Emergency Medicine topics, with a specific focus on helping medical students stand-out on rotations (“clerkships”) and get good letters of recommendation. We cover some topics in less than 10 minutes, some topics more in-depth, and recently we have been adding practice cases as well (“Round 1, 2, 3, etc”). The majority of the content is evergreen with thousands of annual downloads still occurring on our oldest content (chest pain, patient presentations, headaches, etc). Our audience is primarily college educated students working on their professional degrees or EM resident physicians early in their training. They listen from around the world but primarily from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Japan. In many cases, US listeners will be working full-time in Emergency Medicine and receiving six-figure salaries within 5 years. They are targeting an extremely stressful and fast-paced specialty, but that’s why they like it! There is nothing they hate more than being bored. They will be working on holidays, nights, and weekends, but the trade off is that they have a schedule that allows for significant discretionary time, usually only working 3-4 days per week or “7 on/7 off”. Once they complete training, they commonly invest this free time in their families, side-hustles, or other (classically thrill-seeking) hobbies. Products that appeal to these outside interests will be successful.
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