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The Out Entrepreneur | Conversations with Leading
Show Description: The Out Entrepreneur | Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work | Conversations with Leading LGBTQ Bosses | By Rhodes Perry: Entrepreneur, LGBTQ Advocate, & Author The Out Entrepreneur is a weekly Podcast where Rhodes Perry connects with today’s most authentic LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The show was created for you, the LGBTQ entrepreneur, business owner, or start-up founder. It was also designed to inspire more people to consider the entrepreneurial journey. During your daily commute, workout, or leisure time, allow Rhodes Perry to share actionable advice, and introduce you to some of the 1.4 million LGBTQ entrepreneurs crushing it in business, all while bringing their whole selves to work. Each episode explores the journey of the successful out entrepreneur who reflects on the ups and downs of building their business, all in an effort to inspire you to take action, and unapologetically be your authentic self 100% of the time. Audience Description: The audience of the Out Entrepreneur includes largely LGBTQ+ people and our allies. It attracts entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business owners, and those on their way to joining us. Advertisers interested in reaching progressive business owners and entrepreneurs looking to build, grow, and scale businesses are ideal. Guests on the show often identify functions of their business they delegate to external experts including: 1) social media, 2) finance/accounting; 3) copy writing; 4) SEO and content marketing; 5) identifying talent that aligns with their businesses' vision and values. Benefits of Advertising on OE: The Out Entrepreneur can help promote businesses who advertise on the show in several ways. As a trusted thought leader on being a purpose driven entrepreneur within (and beyond) LGBTQ communities, I will recommend your products and services to my listeners by reading your ad copy during an episode of the Out Entrepreneur. 10 second, 30 second, and 60 second advertising blocks are available. I will also test and understand your product or service to help my audience understand the benefits of how your business can help my listeners' businesses thrive. If you desire to directly reach a group of loyal consumers (LGBTQ ppl are 16x more likely to purchase from businesses they trust) with an impressive level of purchasing power (LGBTQ people have an annual purchasing power of $917 billion & LGBTQ businesses generate $1.7 trillion in revenue annually), then let's talk more about how the show can help you.

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The Gentlemen's Debate Podcast
The Gentlemen's Debate Podcast was created by 3 friends to discuss all of the interesting events, news and sports. We discuss a wide variety of topics from technology news, random articles to combat sports events all with a comedic twist. Our channel has gone through a great amount of change from when we started in July 2017, we've had a great spike in our listenership and now sit at 5k - 7k plays/ downloads each episode. We've been in discussion with local companies, media agencies and promoters to help grow our coverage of live events and increase our listenership. Our channel will provide you a great return on investment (ROI) rate as we have a plethora of dedicated social media profiles that we have active followers and also posting our channel on all available Podcasting platforms possible. Unlike some podcasts we do not merely post only an audio channel, we now have a YouTube channel. This gives you access to a whole different audience on one of the most successful digital content platforms. Plus visual advertising in the the videos will give greater penetration for your marketing. The Gentlemen's Debate Podcast is committed to supporting our sponsors with a unique flare to make their slots as engaging as possible, with a variety of packages that you can pick from and bulk buy discounts which can help with budgeting. Contact us to find out more!

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