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3 People Like This
ABOUT THE SHOW -- Growing up in Brooklyn, no one is sheltered, nothing is sugar coated and life’s extremes are the norm. The 3PLT crew are a product of 70’s and 80’s “Pop Culture,” with a raw approach to comedy podcasting that takes no prisoners. While the whole world is going mad using social media to make sense of it all, TJ, Mike and Bruno are busy making fun of it all. They combine sarcastic wit with comedic talent that runs through a brutally honest "Brooklyn Filter,” completely void of any political correctness. The 3PLT crew are authentic, and audiences know it. It is why listeners are flocking in droves to this ever-growing podcast called “3 People Like This,” also know as 3PLT. WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? -- The relationship between the 3PLT cast and our audience is, to say the least, intimate. The loyalty that comes with this is sacred to us, and we will never break it. This means that the advertisers we allow on our show will get the full benefit of that trust. For example, we recently published a special episode to announce our decision to start taking on advertising. We made it clear to our audience that in doing so, the format of our show, its content and our fearless, comedic approach to everything we do will not change! That episode gained an extra 40 to 50 thousand unique listens, reaching 146k listens in just 2 days, shattering our previous record by over 30%. Our audience loves our authentic approach to potentially controversial subjects, and they trust us. If you're an advertiser with a good sense of humor and a willingness to work with us as we are, you will benefit greatly. OUR SHOW IS GROWING -- We recently built our own podcast and video production studio, which officially opened on June 21st, 2017. It is state-of-the-art and is now a "second home" to us all. We are passionate, dedicated, consistent, and we are in this for the long haul. We see ourselves with millions of listeners in a short time and we invite you along for the ride! PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS -- We know the secret to a successful promotion. There are many parts to it, but the secret ingredient is FUN! Funny is money! We intend to fully embrace our advertisers and treat them as we do our best friends. This means we've got your back. It also means we shoot straight, we "tell it like is," but above all... we have fun! What are best friends for if not to make each other laugh? We treat each other this way, we treat our audience this way, and we will treat our advertising partners in the very same way, because this is who we are. We know that our audience LOVES US for being ourselves and are very savvy in the sense that they completely understand authenticity. If your product or service is right for our show, we look forward to working with you to make your company an authentic aspect of the show for the benefit of all concerned. SPECIAL HOW-TO VIDEO PROMOTIONS -- Being that we have our own audio / video production capabilities, we will be offering our sponsors the opportunity to extend their reach to our audience through how-to videos. The cast of 3PLT will create how-to videos that demonstrate important aspects of your product or service in action. We will host these videos on (a strategic partner company to 3PLT) and publish them on our website as well as share them across the 3PLT social networks and howtube's social networks. We thank you for your interest in 3PLT and look forward to hearing from you.

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