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For Those Who Must Know

We talk to the people, profile the businesses, and cover art, culture and commerce in small and large communities worldwide.

Some of our audience is chronically curious.
Our subjects and methods change to satisfy that curiosity.

Most of our listeners stumble upon us. If they don't hear anything they recognize they simply move on in search of something more familiar. But we are here for those who stay because they seek the unfamiliar. We are here for the explore

The premise is, we all know our own culture but when it comes to the cultures and subcultures of others, most of us are culturally illiterate. But this can change if we are willing to step outside our interest zone and listen to the things others care about immensely.

Our episodes are bound together by interesting people and interesting things. Good taste and active minds seek diversity, authenticity and stimulation. Our audience is far reaching and spreads across the country from Bakersfield to Boston, and across the world from Korea to Pakistan.

If you have a business with a website or an email, and can take orders from across the country or across the world, we would be happy to bring our audience to you. We've found that people who listen to podcast are very loyal, and prefer to give business to advertisers on their favorite shows.

Our audience is ever expanding because we are ever expanding, and ever exchanging; just like New York City. So, if you want to open your business to NEW customers then our audience is waiting.

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Hobbies, Art, Culture, Science, Environment, Technology, ESL, Tropical Fish, Cars, Synthesizers, High-End Audio, Street Art, Food, Organic food, Cooking, Fashion, New York, Queens, Politics, Music, Interior Design, Pets and Architecture.
Top Country downloads as of April 2018: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Sweden and Germany
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Our show distributes on all major platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Sound Cloud and iHeart Radio as well as other independent networks and we are currently exploring new ways to expand our network into China. With every ad spot I'll create original content and talk about the product and encourage listeners to give us feedback. In addition, we'll promote it on our blog's advertiser page and on social networks. We strive to create a friendly, open and direct contact with our advertisers and are open to any ideas about future programs.

We encourage environmental advertisers and advertisers from any of the companies or subjects we've covered in our epsiodes. Feel free to contact me any time.

Tom Howell

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