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The Black Eagles Podcast (A Beşiktaş Talk Show)
The Black Eagles podcast is a talk show revolving around Turkish football club Beşiktaş. In the show we preview and review the club's matches aswell as talk about rumours, new transfer signings, etc. The show is hosted by American/Turkish New York based producer Sinan Schwarting and Belgian/Turkish football journalist Kaan Bayazit. Our show is not published on a set day as we do post-match shows which are based on the day the mathces are played on. Usually that is Thursday (Europa League) and Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday for the league matches. In addition during the International breaks and Transfer windows our podcast may be aired on different days. On our show we have featured several international sports journalists in order to preview the club's European opposition in the UEFA Chamipons and/or Europa League. Guests have included the likes of Tróndur Arge (Faeroer Islands football journalist), Ante Jukic (Croatia football expert from Australia), Jan Fredrik Hagen (Portuguese football expert from Norway), Bernhard Kastler (Austrian football journalist), Sonja Nikcevic (Serbian football journalist for, Johanna Frändén (Swedish football journalist), Guilhaume Maebe (Belgian football journalist), etc. All of our expert guests are either domestically published in major newspapers or featured on their respective domestic television. Our target audience are people (both male & female) interested in International/European football (soccer), mainly focussed on Besiktas fans but our show is also interesting for the fans of the club's opponents, both domestically and in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.
Velvet Vibez Pimpcast
Here's "da kicker"! Relationships are rough. We just want to get you through it. By tackling our ghosts of relationships past, present and future cause PimpCast ain't afraid of no ghosts. Maybe birds and under cooked chicken but nah, not ghosts. ​ Learn from our mistakes and come to terms with reality with us. ​ PimpCast consists of an eclectic crew. Velvet Jugganaut is from a down South upbringing. You all know the "pull out chairs, easy on the swears" type. Lynneopoly comes from a family of divorce and chaos but over time has turned that experience into prevalent advice and thought provoking commentary. ​ SA Wild Child has been married and recently returned to single life. Only left to ponder, is a relationship really for him? Is love truly out there and does he seek to find it? ​ Scorpion King tells us about the surprises he encounters with single life in the big city. ​ How did we meet? Velvet Jugganaut and Scorpion King met in Mississippi over 20 years ago. ​ Lynneopoly and Velvet Jugganaut met almost 10 years ago when social media was about who's Myspace is better. ​ SA Wild Child and Velvet Jugganaut met as co-workers. Legend has it that they are brothers from another mother. #TheTruthIsOutThere ​ "With our powers combined" we discuss different dating scenarios and give advice from multiple perspectives. But we always find a way to come to a common ground. ​ We agree, we disagree. There's no one way to live this life we call dating.
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