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Breakin' It Down To The Tea
In my podcast, I discuss a lot about current trends, and cover topics that everyone is talking about, or no one is, and that should be discussed about. I have talked about Mental Health, from suicide awareness after Kate Spade's sudden death, to social media and YouTubers. Currently, I use Anchor to help create my podcasts. Anchor is a newly popular application that has allowed many Podcasters like myself, to create content anywhere, in the easiest format possible. With it simple to use application, I have been able to get my podcast posted on over six different platforms. As of right now my Podcast is available for users on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, RadioPublic, Overcast, Castbox, Breaker, PocketCasts, and as well Anchor. My listeners also have the ability to listen to my Podcast on the go, in their cars through both Google and Apple platforms. Having the ability to allow my audience to decide what platform they would like to hear me on, is one of the best elements that Anchor has allowed my audience to experience. They have the ability to listen to me on the application they wish to. Especially with Google Podcast just recently announcing to the public that the application will now be available to android devices, and be able to translate into multiple different languages. I am working on trying to make my podcast accessible to people who can't hear well. Anchor provides the opportunity to have words and volume available on Podcast. My audience has grown with me. My first season has been about a month for me. My second season, I am looking into collaborating and inviting new views and perspectives to the table, as well as give people a platform to help branch their own audiences. If you select me to brand for your business, I will be able to sell your product as though I am giving a well recommendation or opinion of your product whether it be another podcast or a business.
Ready Set Show Podcast
Hello! My name is Daniel Tuggle and I promise you I am not a robot or Nigerian Prince trying to get you to use Western Union to send me money. Who am I? I’m one of the hosts of a brand-spanking-new podcast called Ready Set Show Podcast. I knew I needed a co-host from the start. Someone who matched my energy & determination for the show. Charlotte, aka "Lette", was that someone I had in mind. We had worked together previously, but not in a podcast setting. She had the spunk & a natural wit about her to create new ideas for the show. Our podcast will focus on current events, people & society, & a newly added law segment! Our goal on the podcast is to discuss those topics you only think about! A good rant is just necessary every now and then. If you've got to shout something at the top of your lungs, though, you'll shred your vocal cords. We’re looking for awesome sponsors for our show and I personally want to reach out to interested parties and see if you’d like to chat about getting exposure in front of our listeners. We have a diversity of listeners who would be a perfect audience to hear about you in our pre, during & post episode sponsor mentions. You can even reserve the whole episode to promote your business. As I mentioned above we are brand new, however, our list of listeners is growing fast. We are currently using Podbean hosting & we are featured on iTunes. A list of our sponsorship options is below. We will also feature your logo and mention your business in our description. Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any questions. Ready Set Show Podcast
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