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The ArtCurious Podcast is art history for all of us. This isn't like a college lecture, droning on about archaic art terminology (like chiaroscuro or contrapposto) or the importance of linear perspective (um, okay). We're interested in the juicy stuff: did Van Gogh actually commit suicide? Was a British painter actually Jack the Ripper? And how did the CIA covertly support modern art? That's the ArtCurious difference: we're all about story first, shining light into unseen corners of art history. Art history is full of fascinating stories-- and we want to share them to a broad audience of art lovers and art novices alike. And if you just happen to learn something along the way, that's just gravy.

ArtCurious is a bi-weekly podcast. In each episode, host Jennifer Dasal discusses a new topic in art history that will bring art alive and make listeners think more deeply about what they've been taught. You might think that visual art is dry, boring, lifeless. But once you learn about the stories behind a work of art, it opens up to you-- and the tales behind some paintings,
sculptures, drawings and photographs are weirder, crazier, or more fun than you can imagine.

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Host Name: Jennifer Dasal
ArtCurious is written, produced and hosted by Jennifer Dasal (pictured), a contemporary arts curator at the North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh, NC). Dasal has nearly twenty years of art-historical experience and education in a wide range of art disciplines and expertise.
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We have been growing significantly since our launch in August 2016. Our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are our social media focus, and we are gaining followers hourly. Our geographic reach is global; while most of our audience is U.S. based, we also have listeners on every continent, save Antarctica. And this year, we anticipate growing our show even more. We share our podcast via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, RadioPublic, and more, and the show can also be downloaded from our website, We'll promote you on social media as well as ad spots, if requested, at no additional fee.

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