Cold Case Murder Mysteries
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Cold Case Murder Mysteries
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Cold Case Murder Mysteries is a unique True Crime podcast geared toward the intellectual, a provocative offering that dives head-first into the psychology of violent crimes and their perpetrators to gain a profound understanding of the society in which we live. Host Ryan Kraus offers a fascinating exploration of our most primitive human desires, and projects them upon a behavioral canvas to create psycho-biographies of criminals and events that have escaped detection through traditional means. Utilizing methods ranging from linguistics to evolutionary biology, Ryan leaves no stone unturned in his plight to crack the coldest cases. His insights are regularly described by listeners as "genius", "brilliant", and "wizardry".

As a niche show popular among psychology professionals and students, CCMM also has an enthusiastic premium-subscriber base on In addition, the show has its own iOS app, with an android version on the way, while still appearing in all major podcast directories. Furthermore, the show greatly appeals to Horror fans, highlighted by an evolutionary breakdown of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and a series on The Amityville Horror explored through Jungian principles. Most of all however, listeners enjoy the innate intellectualism and fearless nature of the show's host, Ryan Kraus.

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About the Host
Host Name: Ryan Kraus
Ryan Kraus is an award-winning playwright and true crime aficionado who aims straight for the heart. Known for provocative psychological analysis, he's become a favorite among his fans for offering work that remains as poetic and cathartic as it is educational. With insights found nowhere else, Ryan indulges a fearless approach in tackling the most convoluted and baffling cases, exposing his humanity in the process.
Weekly on Thu
(Audience is approximately 80 - 90% women), Psychology, Psychiatry, Therapy, Horror, Travel, Coffee, Wine, Life Coaching, Paranormal, Movies, Travel, Food, Business, Career, Technology, Sociology, Music, Comedy
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Cold Case Murder Mysteries is available on all major platforms, and also maintains an intimate premium-subscriber base on its website, Monthly downloads of a single episode vary upon the subject being discussed. For instance, Madeleine McCann might draw 25,000 downloads in the first month, but an obscure case only half that. The show is represented with a growing social media audience on Facebook (1250 followers), Twitter (2200 followers), and Instagram (1100 followers.)

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