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Creatives on the Rise
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The Creatives on the Rise Podcast, hosted by LaTecia Rising, is the premiere podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want to learn how to level up their output + turn their side hustles into full-throttle careers. LaTecia, a writer & creative entrepreneur talks with today's leading creatives on how they made the jump from side hustle to full-throttle creative sharing tips, lessons learned, and motivational thoughts to help you on the journey of turning your passion into a paycheck.

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Host Name: LaTecia Rising
LaTecia Johnson, aka LaTecia Rising, is a is a writer, public speaker, and digital entrepreneur bridging the gap between art, music, and technology. Through her company, Visionary Rising Agency, a full-scale creative agency, she helps brands like Bacardi and Refinery 29, and influencers reach the audiences they covet by establishing authentic connections and strategic partnerships. She has been featured on Blavity, 21Ninety, and Tech Crunch as a subject matter expert due to her experience with Nielsen Media, Microsoft, and Apple Music enabling LaTecia to connect the important elements of brand strategy without losing the essence of what they represent.
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