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We are an award winning Doctor Who and sci-fi podcast that has been on for over 5 years.
We are aired 4 times weekly on Krypton Radio, the first online science fiction radio station. and are now 1 of only 5 Doctor Who podcasts available on iHeart Radio with the new potential of reaching more listeners than ever before.
We feature a news segment at the beginning of the show, go to a break, and then our featured topic. Mostly we do interviews with Doctor Who and other genre celebrities (Star Trek, Babylon 5, TRON, The Walking Dead, and even Sons of Anarchy). We have had more than 100 guests on the show so far.
We also review the latest episodes of Doctor Who as they come out.
We have a very fun and popular weekly show.

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Our show is distributed on all of he major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Podcasts, TuneIn) as well as being a syndicated show on Geek Cast Radio Network, Florida Geek Scene (where we are their top podcast). With every ad spot ordered, we will promote you on our social media channels at no charge. This includes 2 posts each on our 2 Facebook pages: MarkWHO42 Enterprises (5000 followers) and MarkWHO42 and the Traveling TARDIS (30,000 followers). We are now 1 of 5 Doctor Who podcasts available on iHeart Radio with a potentional of millions of new listeners.
TV, Movies, Comics, Science Fiction, Conventions, Rockets, Comedy, Celebrities, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Internet, Video Games
World-Wide. Big number of listeners in Florida, U.S. In general and U.K.

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