Guerrillapreneur: Art of Waging Small Biz Warfare
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Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast ("Guerrillapreneur Podcast") provides small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs actionable strategies for defeating corporate Goliaths. In each episode, we provides tools, techniques and tips on how to operate your business more efficiently while also highlighting real-life experiences from actual entrepreneurs. Our episodes are about 30 to 45 minutes in length, and are hosted by Mark Anthony Peterson who shares the knowledge and experience he has acquired over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial executive level positions. Our episodes are released the second and fourth Monday of every Month.

The podcast audience consists of married, college-educated, entrepreneurs and small business owners (self-employed), corporate strategists and business executives working in the technology field aged 35-54 (mostly men) who have an interest in business strategy, technoology, entrepreneurship and market
ing. According to Twitter, my audience are online shoppers who prefer "premium brands" and a "Quick and Easy" lifestyle.

Advertisers on the Guerrillapreneur Podcast can be promoted in the following ways: (i) mentions at the beginning, middle and end of the podcast; (ii) sponsorship of the Guerrillapreneur News (a segment within the podcast); and (iii) an inserted sponsored interview with the advertiser (after Guerrillapreneur News and before the entrepreneur interview); and (iv) a sponsored product review.

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Our show distributes on iTunes, Podomatic, SoundClud, PlayerFM, Blubrry and streamed at our website, With every ad spot ordered, we will promote your product or service on our extra social medial channels for no additional charge. This includes 3 tweets on our Twitter account (2,385 follwers) and 1 post on my two FB pages (1,682 followers).
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World-wide (listeners in US, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia and Phillipines)

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