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The Love Teaching Yoga Podcast exists to help yoga teachers improve their skills and build their careers, and maintaining trust and credibility with our community is of upmost importance. Thus, our ideal sponsor offers a product or service that aligns with our intention and will be of value to our community of teachers.

If you have a product or service that will benefit yoga teachers and would like to discuss advertising on the show, please contact the show.
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Michelle Linane is a yoga lover, student and teacher. Over the years, my love for the practice has transformed into a deep passion for helping my fellow yoga teachers. In addition to this podcast, I'm a career coach for yoga teachers, I teach yoga teacher trainings and I'm the author of The Thriving Yoga Teacher: How to Create a Sustainable Career Doing What You Love.
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Our show is featured on iTunes, Stitcher and all other major players. All our listeners are yoga teachers, students in training, or those interested in becoming yoga teachers. 67% of listeners are in the USA, 6.5% UK, 6.14% Canada, 6% Australia, and 14% other. With every ad spot ordered, we'll promote you in the show notes and social media.
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