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MURDERISH is a true crime podcast that brings listeners inside intriguing stories of murder, strange disappearances, serial killers and other creepy events. The show also features interviews with high-profile individuals in the true crime community, including Josh Mankiewicz (Dateline NBC), ladies from the Dirty John podcast & Jim Fitzgerald, retired FBI agent who is credited with helping to take down infamous serial killer, Ted Kaczynski (AKA Unabomber). If you are fascinated by the mind of a killer, and are interested in knowing the details of their crimes, you're in the right spot. This podcast provides all of the details true crime junkies crave. Listeners of this podcast are not murderers, they're just murder...ish.

MURDERISH podcast has a very engaged listener base who are very active on our social media channels. Our download numbers are growing with every episode we release. The podcast launched on November 27, 2017, and the growth we've seen since then has been substantial.

Podcast Information

About the Host
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Host Name: Jami Rice
Jami Rice is the creator/host of the Murderish podcast. Jami has been a true crime junkie since she was a teenager, reading books about serial killers in her spare time, and following infamous murder trials on tv. Currently, Jami lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, three children and three dogs. She is a mom, wife and works full time with her husband in their family business. Jami produces the Podcast in her spare time, and thoroughly enjoys it. Jami is very engaging with listeners, interacting with them daily via social media. Jami has been described as determined, funny, salty, stubborn, strong-willed, outgoing, and having a strong sense of justice. In her spare time, you'll find Jami camping with family, taking a ride on her husband's motorcycle, binging on true crime tv, listening to podcasts, doing karaoke and working feverishly to get MURDERISH episodes out!
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1-1.5 Hours
Twice a Month
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MURDERISH podcast distributes on all major platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and more. With every add spot ordered, we'll promote you on all of our social media channels (total reach is over 2,300 members/followers and growing rapidly) on the episode release day. In addition, the podcast host always promotes newly released episodes and sponsors on her personal Facebook page, which has a total reach of 750+ people. We will also provide a link for you in our show notes.

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Great communication and easy to work with. We look forward to working with Murderish again!
Posted 01-09-2018