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Motorcycles & Misfits
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The Motorcycles and Misfits Podcast is recorded weekly from the Re-Cycle Garage in sunny Santa Cruz, CA. We meet every weekend to ride, wrench and hang out in this co-op garage space and an amazing community of bikers has grown over the years. The podcast was born out of sitting around the garage and swapping stories from our rides, rallies, pranks and all around passion. We are fortunate to have an amazing pool of guests in our part of the country, and conduct almost all of our interviews live. We also play games, answer listener emails, discuss trending topics, as well as review movies, gear and events. We are unlike most podcasts in that we record with 8-16 people in a round table discussion, which creates a high energy, sometimes comedic, and always entertaining podcast.

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Riding motorcycles, wrenching on motorcycles, looking at motorcycles, talking about motorcycles, reading about motorcycles, and gathering with others while motorcycles are present or nearby. Our audience are travelers, explorers, poor students, professionals, gearheads, and military. Our listeners watch motorcycle races, travel on motorcycles, and collect tools for motorcycles.
Our top countries in order are USA, Sweden, Canada, UK, Australia, and Pakistan
Male > 90%
No >90%
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Less than $40,000
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Some College


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