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Hi there! You came to the right place for sure!! The best show on all aspects of the paranormal, conspiracy theories, UFO's, cryptozoology, weird anomalies, mysterious places, time travel and more. Our shows are currently seeing 25k+ downloads per episode. We are one of iTunes top shows in Society & Culture and History. Mysterious Radio is among top shows in many podcast apps as well. That's huge considering the many thousands of podcasts out there. As you know most podcast listeners are highly educated and based on surveys make between $40k-$75k per year. An affluent, educated, and intelligent audience is a great audience to find new customers We are growing by leaps and bounds and it's not rocket science that we have the following to put your product in front of a massive engaging audience coupled with amazing content they love. Let us help you in every way possible to GROW your revenue and your brand. Let's do BIGGER things together!!

Some iTunes Reviews Fro
ame guests, professional delivery, and actionable real estate investing content every week.

-Best podcast around
by Timtitor2
K-Town finds the most interesting folks to interview and asks the questions I have in the way in which I would ask. If you like paranormal stuff, listen and subscribe!!!!

-Brain Food
by justanotherchainsaw
KTown is legit! Whether you believe it or not, these stories will have you thinking (and sometimes they’ll straight up creep you the hell out). Keep on keepin’ on KTown!

Our listeners really appreciate the sheer quality of this show...Comments from Facebook, Twitter and Some Emails!!!

I can't wait to hear what ya'll talk about. I love the supernatural and creepy.-Andrew Michaelsen

Looking forward to your launch. Best to you!-The Cryptic Files

Thank you guys. Great show. -Tommy Dison
I've only listened to the last one and working on the first. Whether any of it is real it's a great break from current reality as shown by the MSM. I've had some experiences with the paranormal as well. Keep it up and thank you for your service! -Jon Akin

1st k town you are awesome!, I listen to a lot of paranormal shows and you are at the top of my list.
PLEASE try and get David Pauladies in, I'm not sure if I spelled it correct . He wrote all these books missing 411 , missing in America , he's been on coast to coast and other podcasts I think your style is great and would love to hear it on your show. Thanks please keep this show alive -Rick

Just to let you know that your work is greatly appreciated and you also have listeners in Portugal. Keep up the good work, I love your podcast and the way you conduct the interviews.Thank you for making my commute a LOT more interesting. -Rui Santos

I just wanted to give you a shout out and a huge Thank You for your podcast. I'm absolutely in love with it. I look forward to a new episode every week and wish there were episodes every day, but I know that would be a lot for you and your team. The way that you've planned out the music to the way that you match your voice to how you announce the speakers is well thought out and shows that you've put in a lot of work into this. I also really enjoy and value your interview style - you ask great questions which shows you've thought about this and also have a personal interest in the material, and you're not afraid to admit when you don't know something. I think one of the best things I enjoy about your style is that you really allow the speaker to speak and don't interrupt and really have a knack of timing when you ask the question, which keeps the interview smooth and seamless. I especially LOVE when you laugh! You have such a contagious laughter and I'm not someone who laughs easily but for some reason, hearing you laugh makes me laugh spontaneously. I also love your enthusiasm and authenticity - it makes the show more real and exciting. A memorable moment of that was when you were interviewing Michael Horn and there were moments in his interview where he was humble and thought he was saying too much and you just jumped in and let him know that what he was sharing was really interesting and he should share more. I was on the edge of my seat wanting him to say more too and you took the words right out of my mouth. The more recent episode with Alyne Paustanio is my favorite thus far - I slept with the lights on that night. So scary good. Please keep doing what you're doing because you're amazing at it and I'm so so so so appreciative for all the work you and your team do. It does not go unnoticed. -Daniel Quintana

Just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!!!!!!! I also just recently found out that you are from Knoxville!! GO VOLS! I happen to live in Morristown :) TOO COOL Wanted to give you a shout out and say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! You go girl!! A big fan - Heather

Please Please get David Icke on the show!!!! -Jay Riina
You have got to check out,Winged Beatle. On Youtube. It shows all the facts compares the. Lyrics, plays the back masking,and interviews it will blow your wife calls me Dale Dribble. From King of the hill because I believed in that and other conspiracies Katrina Kyle and Tim, I wish I could donate some money but I'm disabled and my wife has had cancer I can't afford. To but I love your show its my favorite and vie listened to coast to coast for 15 years and darkness radio for 3 you guys are the best!!-Rick Winn

I enjoy your podcast. While I'm very very skeptical I enjoy listening . It's very well done.-Tom Carver

Thank you so much... I've missed listening to your podcast... keep up the great work-Stony Harper

Listened to your show about the Blair Witch. Very nicely done!-CJMars

Great podcasts keep up the good work x-Jason

Great to hear wisdom from Angel Anne! You KNOW I loved this one!-Patrick Kellar

Thanks for the shout out much appreciated!-Jason

Listening to Mysterious Radio alone at home with a glass of wine, caught between relaxation and frightened paralysis.-Mary Sheridan

I have been looking for a podcast that deals with "conspiracy", paranormal, Spiritual etc. stays on topic. Not a bunch of guys 2cool4school2cool4school makin fun lf people with sophomoric humor gettin drunk on air-Chadd Michael

Listening to Mysterious Radio and loving it!!-Ancient Tomorrow

Love your podcast! It makes my daily commute so much better. Keep dropping the knowledge!-CorinneAintCare

K Town! Thank you for the great shows. The paranormal ones were stories I had never heard before. Keep it up!-Sticks & Stones

This show fits the bill to a tee, excellent work-Standard Redneck

Was totally surprised by a shout out. My heart exploded. Just digging in to latest episode at the gym.-Stick & Stones

I love Mysterious radio,I listen to the podcasts regularly,keep up the good work guy's-Ronni Adams

Thank you very much send a big hug across the pond the Mark Sargent podcasts are so good by the way.-Jason

Best podcast I track. Ep#12 is creepiest I've ever heard. LOVE Ms, Moffit's humor tho!-Free Being

This episode is seriously mind blowing! Paul is one of my heroes, but the more you look into it, the more convinced you become! Thanks for all your efforts An avid listener from the UK-David Enright

I am the Walrus coo cocoooo cachoooooo -Jason

Great shows! Keep up the good work on bringing out the truth. :)-Ezri Dax

Guys Mysterious Radio is my favorite podcast ever. -Shell

Aliens ain't who we think they are u meet ET. tell him 2back the hell up-Chadd Michael

This podcast is so intriguing. I enjoy listening everyday to and from work-Sunni Ellis

Loving this show. Alien Antichrist episode was awesome.-Alan Bennett

Great Show. Loving it!-Jason Jarvis
Hey Mysterious Radio I just found you guys last week and have been really enjoying the show. Keep up the great work-Jay McGrath

Love your podcast. I listen to it every week on Podcast Addict. I can't wait for the newest episode to come out. Keep up the great work.-Shawn McLaughlin

I found your podcast shortly after the first episode. I'm really enjoying it! Always thought provoking and insightful! Keep up the great work!-Blue Wallworth

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