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I've been watching the development of the Switch since Iwata announced that it was called the NX.  I've had every Nintendo console except the Virtual Boy.  You can expect three episodes every week about Nintendo and the Switch.  You can expect me to talk about Nintendo News I'll be covering Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and other franchises from Nintendo both played on the Switch and the 3DS, though mostly the Switch.   I also stream on Twitch at 

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Host Name: Bill Fairchild
I've hosted multiple podcasts including Run Jump Stomp, 78° and Nintendo Switch Craft which was nominated for a podcast award in 2018. I'm also a contestant on America's Next Top Podcaster (recording beginning in January 2019)
Listeners tend to be technologically savvy males from 26-44 with disposable incomes. Most Nintendo Switch Craft listeners are from English speaking countries like United States and the U.K. Although there are listeners from all over the world. When asked if audience members had purchased anything over the last 30 days online 99% of respondents said yes. When asked how much money they spent on purchases over the internet in the last 12 months, they typically spent more than $1000. These are people that typically purchased a $300 video game console at launch, they clearly have disposable income. In fact when asked what their household annual income is more than 50% of them are making more than $50,000 / year. When asked “Have you ever purchased a game or otherwise given business to a sponsor after hearing about them on Nintendo Switch Craft over 60% of respondents said yes. “Switchcraft is in my top 5 favorite Video game podcasts. I love the maturity of the show and how precise and “trimmed of fat” the show is. I listen regularly to over 30 podcast shows a week. This is one of my favorites”, “I really enjoy the podcast, and I think a common sentiment is that RJS' professionalism makes listeners trust his judgment regarding reviews of games and products.”, “Keep up the great work, I love the show and your game reviews!”
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