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Passion on the Page is a poetry podcast that goes deeper into the meaning behind the words on the line. Each poet is asked to read their piece then explain their inspiration for that piece. Poets include aois21 Creatives and guest poets. Occasionally more famous works are read as part of special segments such as holiday readings, in the news analysis, or creative inspiration episodes, when poems that have provided a degree of inspiration are read and discussed. This is the only aois21 podcast that uses SoundCloud and has built a loyal following over the past two years. Each aois21 Creative was limited to four episodes of their poetry and guests are limited to no more than two appearances. At current level of support, this podcast is due for ending this spring. With sponsorship, the podcast will be able to live on and give more independent poets a chance to promote their work.
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This podcast averages 25 listens per episode, though some episodes have reached as high as 250. It is actively promoted through our email list and corresponding podcasts. We are always reaching out for guest poets and have several that have expressed interest though not yet recorder. All episodes are promoted also through the various aois21 publishing social media sites.

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