Serial Chillers Podcast
Serial Chillers Podcast
Society & Culture, Comedy

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The Serial Chillers Podcast is hosted by me Jesse and each week I sit down with old friends, new friends, good friends and bad friends to tell a story of an infamous serial killer. Throughout the show the guests, or "Serial Chillers" as I call them, chime in and have stories that, are True crime, dark, creepy, unsolved or otherwise mysterious.

Additionally it is a gameshow. The Serial Chillers come locked and loaded with a story of their own as well as compete to be the winner of the show. T
hey answer questions about a serial killer that they may or may not have knowledge about. We have a lot of great stories that come through and even though it is essentially a true crime serial killer podcast, we have a good laugh from time to time.

My audience while growing is diverse and active. They really like some of the cross platform stuff I have going, like streaming video games and the social media pages. I have a current show "sponsor" with a promo code and they are active shoppers using this promo code for a clothing/beer accessories brand.

I would like to find a few advertisers who I feel would benefit from advertising on this show due to the high number or engagements that it receives, and how active the fanbase is. I am very active on the social medias and as I stated above I also do video game streaming and guest spots on other podcasts as often as I can. If there was a company willing to advertise with my show, I would make sure you got far more than your money's worth while making you wonder why you hadn't advertised here sooner.

I think that paired with the right advertisers we could both share a very successful relationship that is mutually beneficial.


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True Crime, Television, Music, Comedy, Craft Beer, Beer, Outdoors, video games, books, reading, Travel, Dogs, Cats, Documentaries, meal delivery, grocery delivery, snacks, magazines
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While our follower reach on social media is not the tops, many new marketing approaches are being put into place to help gain relevant followers and subscribers. Also, what we lack in numbers we make up for in engagement, the true crime community is very vocal and stay very involved.

With any advertisement I will also post to all social medias as well as mentioning it on any game stream

As a podcast we are relatively new but the numbers continue to grow and as a gameshow podcast we could also at no additional cost use your company as a "Sponsor" for a segment if interested.

With each episode hitting it's 1000 mark in as little as just 7 days.

I am loyal and would represent your brand well and I think that followers and listeners would be willing to give things a chance as well.

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