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Justin and Danny are here to bring you the ultimate fan experience podcast. This is for wrestling fans who have the love of pro wrestling running through their DNA. There is nothing more that we want than to promote and build the industry and show newer fans how cool wrestling was, and show current fans how good it still is!

We have been fortunate enough to grow an extremely large audience of not only every day wrestling fans, but celebrities, athletes and professional wrestlers.

The show DOES contain explicit content, just swearing, nothing completely over the top. We are open to toning it back or even cutting it out completely if needed.

Our radio show nets over 50,000 listeners per week, our Instagram pages (we run 2 separately) have over 600,000 followers and we reach (on a slow week) 22 million accounts just via Instagram, and that's without a single promoted post! We have released limited edition shirts over the last month and they have sold out within 24 hours, so our audience is a supportive one as well.
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Host Name: Danny Bennett and Justin Dhillon
Pictured is me (Danny) I am a lifelong sales man for day, and insanely huge sports fan by night. I am now co-hosting the Squared Circle DNA show as of its inception in May 2018, which is the 2nd show I've been able to host that has eclipsed over a million listeners. I was born and raised in Detroit, but (for) now I reside in Naples, FL with my wife. Justin is a native of Vancouver, BC and resides in Surrey. Justin "The Wrestling Classic" has become synonymous with professional wrestling on Instagram, you may not know if you follow him, if you're a wrestling fan, but odds are....you do!
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Our audiences interests range from professional wrestling, bodybuilding, to video games, comic books, and sports.

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