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Taste of Taylor is a taste of Taylor Strecker's live daily (Monday - Friday) radio show. Taylor Strecker is the former host of Sirius XM's Wake Up With Taylor for 11 years. Taste of Taylor has a wide ranging, committed female audience. On Wake Up With Taylor, advertisers would typically sell out allotted inventory because of Taylor's accessibility and ability to communicate on a deeply authentic level with her audience.

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Host Name: Taylor Strecker
Taylor Strecker is the former host of Sirius XM's Wake Up With Taylor and the current host of the independent subscription show, The Taylor Strecker Show as well as her weekly podcast, Taste of Taylor. Taylor's brand is built upon being everyones BFF, and she achieves this with her wildly authentic take on pop culture, celebrity entertainment and light-hearted comical news. Taylor is also the host of Getting Younger, the official TV Land after-show for Younger, as well as a touring comedian, and brand ambassador.
Weekly on Thu
Fashion, food and alcohol, service segments, women's topical issues
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Our show distributes on major platforms including: iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. We are open to negotiating an instagram (50k followers) post/story as part of the advertising deal. We have plenty of outreach through Taylor's daily (Monday through Friday), independent subscription talk show. As well as her various hosting gigs, live shows, and countless guest appearances to promote the podcast and continue the increasing number of downloads.

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