The Anglo-Boer War
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The Anglo-Boer War
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The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 saw the British Empire at the height of its power facing a small band of highly mobile Boers in South Africa. The war introduced the world to the concentration camp and is regarded as the first war of the modern era where magazine rifles, trenches and machine guns were deployed extensively. British losses topped 28 000 in a conflict that was supposed to take a few weeks but lasted three years.

Some of the most famous names of the 20th Century were involved includi
ng Mahatma Gandhi as a stretcher bearer and Winston Churchill as a war correspondent. It was a war that the British expected to wrap up in a few months but ended up costing tens of thousands of lives over three years. It started with lofty ideals and ended with the British throwing Boer women and children into concentration camps where they died in their hundreds.

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Des Latham is a well known journalist and former radio reporter working in South Africa. He is a veteran and spent time working in the South African police. He has produced and composed music in Africa for over thirty years and now works as a chief director in government's information service.
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