The Joe Cronin show Over 20 Million Views
The Joe Cronin show Over 20 Million Views
Sports & Recreation

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Hello I know what works when it comes to getting results. I host a popular sports show on youtube. It is important to not just throw out the name and move on as AM FM stations do. No body cares or hears it yet they pay a lot for it. The key is for me to repeat it to the listeners and to make the AD personal. With over 40 MILLION views on youtube repeating ads for a month to a year become very very effective as my listeners learn to trust the brands and they almost become a character of the show.

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Host Name: Joe Cronin Show
A wild and crazy enthusiastic Guy passionate about Sports and Entertainment
Average Video Length
1-1.5 Hours
Daily on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Sports - Video Games - Entertainment - Science
World Wide 60% usa
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We release content daily. we get the best results during our LIVE shows. weekly views are around 60,000 but can sometimes spike to 300K in a single week depending on the stories or the video going viral. A news story we did on a popular wrestler recently hit 2 Million views. While some of our quick generic videos sometimes hit only 3,000

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