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The Podcast Radio Network
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The Podcast Radio Network airs Podcasts and music from all over the world via Internet Radio. Our audience is very diverse from gamer to business executives. Being how we reach such a wide audience worldwide this opens you up to and entirely new market of future customers. We are the number 1 Talk Radio Station in the world on our radio network.

Available Radio Show Ad Spots
On the checkout page you will be able to describe the product or service you wish to promote, define any target air dates, desired ad placement (beginning, middle, or end of the show), preferred ad style (host live read or pre-recorded audio), and provide information about your product or service.

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30-second audio ads use around 75 words. Simply provide the show host with information about your product, service, or event and they will create the 30-second ad with you. Ads can be live read during the show or you can supply a pre-recorded audio file.
I will promote your business, product, service, event for 30 seconds on my radio show.
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Great job - loved my ad! Also quick and professional.
Posted 04-01-2017
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Estimated number of listeners your show gets on average.

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Our station airs Podcasts 7 days a week. Listeners can listen via our radio networks mobile app, Tunein App, our Facebook Page or via our website. Every ad spot ordered will air along each show playing that night, typically 4 per night, and will be add edto the regular rotation and play multiple times per day. We will also create an an ad on our blog directing the listeners to your website. We also will include a shout out and link in every post and blog we put out each day and share on the various groups and Facebook pages we have (total reach over 500K) We have over 100K listeners Worldwide per month.
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