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International solo artist Adam Dunning brings you your weekly dose of music and travel from the brighter side of life. Adam takes you to exotic worldwide destinations, tells you about upcoming festivals in far away places, as well as taking you away on a virtual journey with Bossa Nova, Surf Jazz, Nu Jazz, and Folk from amazing artists all around the world.

The show is truly exotic, merging travel and music to give the listener an emotional connection to your business. The audience wants to
listen to the show because it puts them into a relaxing, 'vacation' frame of mind. The show is ideal for travel, discretionary products or luxury businesses, with a strong Japanese, US, and European reach. Adam can host read, or we can use an already produced audio commercial. If you want a recorded ad, but don't have one, we can produce your audio commercial professionally, with script, music, and effects.

The Sun Lounge takes you somewhere else. Listen to it anywhere, or even while you're getting there.

Podcast Information

About the Host
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Host Name: Adam Dunning
Adam Dunning's music is international and synonymous with sunshine. The Australian solo artist is known worldwide for his Bossa Nova, Solar, and Surf Jazz styles, having recorded and played live with the pioneers of Bossa Nova in Rio de Janeiro. Each week Adam brings his knowledge of this fascinating sun-drenched styles for the ultimate sublime experience.
Average Episode Length
1-1.5 Hours
Weekly on Sun
Travel (destinations, holidays, hotels) Intrepid travel (adventure, exotic and rare places) Music (in particular uplifting, sunny music) Shopping Art Business
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The Sun Lounge distributes on major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn. With every ad spot ordered, we’ll promote you on our extra social media channels for no charge. This includes 2 tweets on Adam Dunning's fan Twitter account ( 26,300 followers), 1 post on Adam Dunning's Official Facebook Page and The Sun Lounge FB page (1,100 followers), as well as your logo on the Sun Lounge website

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