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Hellbound with Halos Podcast
Our Podcast is comprised of 2 Firefighters from New York (Kev & Sully), a Law Enforcement Analyst from California (Crystal), a LEO from NY (Lauren) and Marine Veteran/Model "The Combat Barbie" (Rianna). They originally created the podcast for First Responders and combatting the effects of PTSD through comedy and entertainment. We like to think of the show as sitting around a mid-summer campfire with friends. Being so easily relatable, you can come and listen to other perspectives on varieties of topics and hear opinions from everyday people. We interview celebrities and notable people from time to time, to give our viewers a chance to meet them and hear their stories through us. New episodes are released weekly. Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I'm gonna go to hell for this' and did it anyway? We have, and we know you have too. We are broadcast on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, Podbean, Spreaker, YouTube Channel and ALL other Podcast Apps. The Podcast is a production by Girl’s Gone Grunt, LLC, with all rights reserved. Our Podcast is sponsored by K Bar Soap Co. New episodes are released weekly... Business Spotlights are released when available. Our Audience is a mix of 50/50, Male and Female between the ages of 21-45, respectively. We are pretty wide spread around the country, however our prominent states are NY, CA, VA, TX and NJ. Between our podcast and our social media our reach is over 100K weekly. We can help promote your business or podcast via several means. We can do up to a 30 second promo, and options may be added to that. Website - Facebook - Instagram -
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