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The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders
The 5 AM Miracle is a biweekly podcast dedicated to helping listeners dominate their day before breakfast. The show focuses on personal development, healthy habits, and productivity strategies. Why you should advertise on The 5 AM Miracle: My listeners are actively engaged in their own self-development. They love recommendations for high-quality products that enhance their life and business. Special Guests: The 5 AM Miracle has featured interviews with Deepak Chopra, David Allen, Jon Acuff, and more. Awards: The 5 AM Miracle has been nominated for 5 podcast awards, including the categories of Health, Best Produced, and People's Choice. PR Mentions: Jeff Sanders and The 5 AM Miracle have been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The New York Post, and the Huffington Post. Featured in iTunes: The 5 AM Miracle has ranked #1 in iTunes in the Self-Help and Business categories. Show Growth: The show has grown from just a few dozens listeners in the beginning to receiving well over 100,000 downloads every month. The show recently surpassed 5 million total downloads and is on track for 6 million very soon. How I will promote your brand, product, or service: I personally read every ad, and heavily promote every product or service to create as much engagement as possible with my listeners. I send emails for every episode with links to the sponsors, as well as including links on the show notes page on my website and in my custom apps on iOS and Android.
Hannah and Matt Know It All
Hannah and Matt Know it All is a twice weekly podcast where Han and Matt, a married, polyamorous, queer-as-hell couple discuss their favorite advice columns from around the internet, as well as questions from listeners. A few prominent guests have included: • Alison Green (Ask A Manager) • Mallory Ortberg (Dear Prudence) (and we were guests on Dear Prudence as well!) • Jennifer Peepas (Captain Awkward) • Amy Dickinson (Ask Amy) • Heathery Havrilesky (Ask Polly) • Harris O'Malley (Ask Dr. NerdLove) Our audience is obsessed with us (see: our iTunes reviews) and we're seeing steady, organic growth through word of mouth. We have a very high conversion rate for listeners-to-Patreon donors (~15%) with a higher than average amount-per-donor (~$5.35). We keep listeners extremely engaged by replying to every email, awarding points for participation via a listener leader board, sharing our listener's pet pics on our website, and engaging with patrons on Discord with weekly Minecraft nights. In addition to the wide range of questions we get on the show, we're increasingly being asked for lifestyle tips such as healthy cooking, effective pet care, and gaming and podcast recommendations. Our listeners look to us as a respected authority on most everything. Endorsements from us carry weight, and we've turned on so many listeners to become avid fans of other advice givers, for example. Our listeners are so invested in our success and trying to help us generate income however possible, and our advertisements will not fall on deaf ears.
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