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Right on Point
We are two siblings who are tired of the dominance of the left wing media and liberal establishment billionaires telling us how to think. We created this podcast in order to produce substantive, conservative conversation that cannot be heard anywhere else. For our podcast listeners, we want to be their best source for real news, as well as commentary of art, philosophy, religion, and culture. We are a hybrid of William F. Buckley’s Firing Line and Ben Shapiro, but geared towards college audiences and Trump supporters of any age. While we are only in our infancy, we have already courted major interviews with Anthony Scaramucci, Matt Schlapp, Carl Higbie, Patrick Deneen, and Sean Spicer. Our interview with Michael Voris already amassed well over one thousand listens (and counting) in just two weeks — this is outstanding for a startup podcast. We hope to continue to capitalize on this success, and learn and build on it by inviting even more A-listers from the Trump administration, academia, cable news, and politics — both domestic and international — in the months ahead. We’re not afraid to debate with people from either side of the political aisle, so long as both sides back up their positions with substantive and phillosophically based arguments. No conservative podcast balances support for Donald Trump with overtures to culture, academics, and philosophy like us. We are truly a unique brand and accordingly hope to offer our advertisers this extraordinary amalgam of genres, all for a very low price (and we’re more than willing and happy to negotiate further), to benefit our audiences even more.
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