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Unpopular Culture Podcast
"Informative, Fun, Surprising!" Unpopular Culture breaks the boundaries for solid, original content. A Podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the underbelly and conspiracy theories of today's society. What will you will find with UPC that you won't find anywhere else is a contagious sense of curiosity. We are a team of dedicated professionals in psychology, sociology, technology and design and are spending more time and energy on one episode than anyone else in the industry. We heavily edit our shows: writing our own music, doing research and writing scripts through dozens and dozens of revisions. Our website is state-of-the-art, and updated daily with all of detailed show-notes and graphics. Our audience has reviewed Unpopular Culture as "Highly Intelligent," "Binge-worthy," and even "Uber Well-Produced," (iTunes reviews). Because of our fully-packed shows and high-level quality, Unpopular Culture interviews many different field specialists and even has a running monthly episode with one of the largest podcasts in the field of psychology, Dr. Kirk Honda of "The Psychology in Seattle Podcast." We also have a large audience with the BS Podcast Network, as we are one of their featured podcasts. Because we're constantly expanding our network, our audience is growing rapidly and includes mostly academics. We've found our audience to be active, professional and curious, often having a white-collar job and listening to our shows on their commutes and during work. We also have many college students listening to the show as an aid to their Psych 101 or nursing classes. The one thing we have learned from our many reviews is that people learn a lot from us, but it's such a fun show, they forget they are learning. Our most recent iTunes review reads: "I'm usually not a huge fan of conversational podcasts. UPC breaks the mould, though! It feels like I'm sitting on the sidelines listening to a group of super intelligent people talking about things I wish I could. I'm sticking with UPC, so that someday, I can!" We would love to work with the right advertisers to help our listeners out, even further. We will only advertise for products we believe in, and so will sell them with pride and genuine language in our shows. Also, because of our awesome editing and graphic team, we will be able to promote your content with dignity and stand-out style.
The Weekly Brew
Hosted by Austin Staton, Kevin Cook and Jeremy Paxton, The Weekly Brew is the voice of Houston for political, social and sports commentary brewed up in an hour or less. We currently have about 8K very engaged, enthusiastic weekly listeners in Houston, most between 21 and 35. We've spent the last year building our content and networking with really strong guests to build up a library of strong episodes and a pretty terrific listenership. Some of our guests include Rockets GM Daryl Morey, TCU head coach Gary Patterson, NBA Star Justise Winslow, Pat Forde from Yahoo Sports, NFL expert John McClain, The Ringer’s Jason Concepcion, former Cy Young winner Doug Drabek and entertainers such as Brooke Evers and Color Theory. Thanks to our great guests, we have content sharing agreements with ROOT SPORTS, VYPE Magazine, Battle Red Blog and more. In addition to sports, politics and pop culture, we've been encouraged to cover things like "what's going on in Houston" and asked what there is to do, because our listeners are typically looking for places to go and fun things to get into once they're off work, and we've had on local bands and artists to promote things going on in the city of Houston, which our listeners have reported back that they enjoy. I'd encourage you to browse through our episode descriptions on iTunes or our website to get an idea of what we're about, or even listen to a few episodes - you'll hear that we do right by our sponsors and put out a terrific product. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to answer them, or if we can schedule a time to sit down and talk further and bounce ideas off one another about how a partnership would look or work, that would be terrific. Thanks, and I hope to speak soon!
Health Professional Radio - Podcast
Health Professional Radio is owned and operated by Vertical Internet Media Pty Ltd , an internet-only media network that has been broadcasting globally since 2012 with dedicated internet audio streams for Australia in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and the United States. Vertical Internet Rradio also helps business owners become in-house broadcasters so they can communicate with their customers and staff to manage the sound scape of their client experience. With staff in both the medical field and information technology, Health Professional Radio is promoting awareness on healthcare issues for health professionals. HPR targets health professionals primarily in hospital based environments but does not exclude other health professionals or the public from listening. Health Professional Radio is a health dedicated media channel. The station format is “news and talk” with Health News, Health interviews, and audio shorts like “On This Day in Health”, “Feature Hospital of the Day” and “Fun Facts and Health Statistics”. This is all original content created by our own producers. Some content is clinical, some management orientated and some lifestyle orientated. All stories are archived on the web, cross- posted and promoted on social media and there are transcripts posted on our website. The relevant Government state ministers have been advised and there is an ongoing awareness campaign though hospital boards and management. In some juristictions, the corporates departments and boards have included a link to Health Professional Radio on the Clinician’s intranet. Health professionals listen to radio on computers and smart phones at nurses stations, clinics, in their cars and even during surgery – places they can’t use social media.
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