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The Detroit Lions Podcast
Your Detroit Lions and Reddit ConnectionThe Detroit Lions Podcast is the number one podcast covering the Detroit Lions Football team. We have regular guests join the show including Lions beat writers, former and current players, as well as Fox Sports Rules Analyst Dean Blandino. Our audience is typically 2.5 times the currently reported number during the regular season (August through December/January) and we also have listeners that aren't reported here on Spotify and via our YouTube channel. We have a lighthearted show and extremely devoted listeners with a core group of them drawn from the Detroit Lions subreddit (on Reddit) for which we are the "Official" Podcast. We have an Annual Training Camp Party - this year on August 3rd - that we sell out (and are looking for sponsors for) as well as a Fantasy Football league that we would accept sponsorship for. We have checked the "Explicit Content" box only because we want to be fully transparent with the content of our show. We occasionally swear, never gratuitously, as ours is a show that seeks to be relatable to our listeners and it allows us to be more "real" to our listeners than sports radio which has a number of FCC restrictions curtailing their ability to express themselves - particularly their occasional frustrations. We mention this because we understand certain brand standards wouldn't allow an association with content of this sort and we want to ensure our partners are 100% satisfied with the vehicle we provide them. Based on our most recent listener survey (conducted in February) we have gathered the following data from our listeners: Our Net Promoter Score is an outstanding 82 88% of respondents are between 18 & 44 years of age (16% - 18-25, 26.7% 35-44, 45.3% 26-34) 77% of respondents live inside the US Our audience is 97% Male 80% of respondents have a bachelor's degree at minimum with 19% having post graduate degrees 72% of respondents make over $50,000 per year 92% of respondents have purchased something over the internet in the last 30 days of those, 50% have spent over $1,000 online in the last year and 70% have spent over $500 65% of respondents have purchased or plan on making a purchase after hearing about it on our podcast Over 85% of respondents listen to every episode we publish with only 1% missing more than two episodes in a row We look forward to providing an excellent vehicle for your brand and a solid means to increase your revenue as a result.
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