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One Giant Leap For Geeks
Welcome to OGLFG, the place for geek culture views, news, and reviews! Each week we give our comedic take on the latest in geek culture. From movie and game reviews, news and speculation, and other events in geekdom. Our podcast is a little over 6 months old and we have seen steady growth since launching. We are currently in iTunes top podcast for TV and Film, and will soon be featured on Podbean as well. We are steadily bringing guests onto our show that are in the field of, podcasting, writing, artists, and overall people who produce entertainment. Our first guest was Famous Sheamus who is a long time podcaster with 4 seperate shows! We have been featured as a guest as well and have more appearances scheduled through out the year. We have an active social media following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and recently Reddit. Our podcast is on all the major podcasting platforms, as well as Facebook and Youtube. Our goal is to help create interest in your product from our listeners, and also giving them a call to action to buy your products. We have had successful partnerships to date and we are looking to expand our collaborative opportunities. We give detailed descriptions of the product, our positive experiences with it, and explain to our listeners the benefits and why they should try it themselves. We have a very exuberant vibe to our show so when we do partnerships, we give a lot of energy and excitement to the presentation. This in turn, excites our listeners and creates positive interest in your product! In specific cases we also promote to our social media followers as well.
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