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Beard Games
Here on Beard Games, our three hosts Connor, Keith, and Nick (and an occasional guest host from the world of design or development in games or otherwise) collaborate to come up with an Idea of the Week for each episode. During the course of the show, our hosts discuss this idea of the week in a broad sense, piecing together a few core components which truly make it what it is. Then, using the powers of randomly generated phrases, names, or descriptions, each host must pitch their own variant of the Idea of the Week that touches on each of those core components while surviving the probing questions and piercing comments of the other hosts. Beard Games will have several guests on going forward thanks to a recent decision, primarily from the world of design. Each guest, from successful kickstarter creators to indie web designers, will bring their own take and help make the show truly great. For your business, Beard Games provides broad yet targeted audience reach. Each different guest will bring something new to the table in terms of audience interests, but it will all be tied together through the lens of comedy, design, and games. This allows us to extend your product's reach into a wide variety of communities which are all bound together by an interest in these areas, as well as interviews with their follows. Beard Games is a growing podcast as well, and has seen substantial growth in listener base over the last three months alone. We anticipate, as more guests join us on the show and more fun shenanigans are had by all, to continue this growth and further build our listener base. Cooperation with guests and participation in game, RPG, and game design communities will aid this growth as well. For you, the advertisers, this means that advertising on Beard Games is sure to reach not only our community and listeners, but provide you a reach into the follows, listeners, and communities of our guests and associates.
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